Money & Business Coach for Artists:

If you are a right-brained creative that needs left-brained business skills, you’re in the right place. Without solid business support, training and practices, a creative business is a hobby that uses your resources and stresses you out. I’ve learned so much the hard way, but luckily I have had priceless training and support with mentors and learned to do business like a business instead of a hobby.  A certified Martha Beck coach in Asheville, North Carolina, I am a business coach for artists. I can help empower your business and evolve your money mindset gently, yet boldly support you to strengthen your confidence and fortify your bank account.

If you feel like you are spinning your wheels, are overwhelmed, and want to create clarity and momentum, take a step toward more ease. Learn to leverage your strengths and to take action in a sustainable way to generate income and to create the life you want.

Coaching is holistic. All aspects of your life affect other areas of your life, your business, and very often your finances. Communication tools, powerful questions, new perspectives and priceless resources all contribute to your confidence and success.

Your creativity and intuition are the portals to your true path. Use the challenges from your life, the ups and downs, false starts, and huge lessons, to cultivate strength, confidence, and purpose. Support your vision by honoring your path and taking next steps that give you natural momentum forward.

The Process:

1) Experience the power of coaching and being supported in your potential. Schedule a complimentary conversation via phone.

2) If we both feel it’s a fit to work together, I’ll recommend a program or services tailored to support your specific path.   There is no obligation or high pressure sales. Schedule your conversation here:

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