Jen Aly business coach for artists asheville

Jen Aly,  Photo Credit Duncan Chaboudy Photography

Jen Aly, M.S. is a business coach for artists. She has been a Martha Beck Certified coach since 2003 and has worked with clients in the areas of business, marketing, creativity, productivity, and relationship. She learned business skills from million-dollar training company, Thrive Academy in California, and worked as a coach for their clients. At the age of 23, she began teaching university level English, and her 8 years of teaching spanned from Honduras to Hawai’i.  She “retired” from teaching and an Asheville based jewelry designer, she created a full-time business in less than one year. She specializes in supporting creative entrepreneurs (art, design, writing, performance, holistic arts, craft, etc.) to hone business skills, create aligned marketing strategy, and cultivate an empowered mindset around business and money.

She became a Best Year Yet Certified coach in 2017.

She offers private coaching and group programs.

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