How to think positive when you feel like crap

Think positive right?

The pressure to think positive often back fires. Trying to think positive when you feel crappy doesn’t usually get you very far. Here’s how to shift that crappy feeling without bypassing your feelings. Use this tool any time you feel stressed about not being able to think positive or you want to tell your friend who tell you to think positive to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine! think positve - embrace present as if you chose it

Granted, there is something to positive thinking. Obviously…there’s a huge world of personal growth surrounding it. Really, this article and video is for the recovering self helper…new ager. We have a program in our minds that says we “should” think positive. However, we dig a hole for ourselves when we throw this should on top of ourselves instead of being present with ourselves to move through the emotion we are feeling, to have a somatic clearing of the energy that we are feeling.

My big pet peeve

Having been in the personal growth field since 2003, I’ve heard people tell each other to think positive all the time. It becomes exhausting and doesn’t work…it actually has the opposite effect on the person who feels crappy. The pressure just adds more stress and self criticism to an already crappy mood! When someone is clearly distressed and a well meaning friend tells them to think positive, I have to calm my inner mamma bear down. The use of this phrase is one of my biggest pet peeves. Would you tell a young child in pain to think positive? I didn’t think so. It doesn’t make sense when someone is feeling hurt, sad, angry, etc.

Are you sick of your inner voice or the voices of others telling you to think positive? Are you tired of it not working? Check out the video for a different way of shifting your feelings.



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