Manifest More Synchronicity in Your Daily Life

Aloe_polyphylla_spiralWhen I backpacked Europe after college and years later when I traveled all over Central America, I had the most amazing, miraculous, and synchronistic experiences.

I met someone at a hostel in France and then saw them walk by as I was napping in a park in Venice 2 weeks later. I completed days of travel with a newly-made traveling buddy from the Bronx. As soon as we parted, I met another person on the bus who I traveled with for the next 2 days who had a friend with a hotel in the next town I was headed to.

It was a sort of ‘travel-flow.’ How come that doesn’t work in day-to-day life?

What if it can?

I asked myself, what is it that I have when I’m traveling that I don’t have in my day-to-day life? I thought of a few things…lots of time with little or no schedule, relaxation, surrender, and an intention to have fun, explore and an openness to adventure.

What if cultivating more synchronicity in your life is as simple as the following ideas:

  • taking a different street than usual to a destination you commonly visit
  • instead of your usual mocha with no whip cream, try a chai
  • exercise at a different time of day or find a way to spice it up
  • respond differently than normal to a friend just to see what happens
  • meander randomly and see what you find
  • go early to an event and see who you’ll meet
  • insert your ideas here

When there’s spaciousness, you are opening opportunity for miraculous surprises. Enjoy!

Jen Aly (8 Posts)

Jen Aly, M.S. learned business skills from million-dollar training company, Thrive Academy in California, and worked as a coach for their clients. She has been a Martha Beck Certified coach since 2003 and has coached clients in the areas of business, marketing, organization, productivity, and communication.

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