What Clients Say

  • Jen Aly is a Superstar!  She has helped me find brilliant solutions to problems that have been draining my energy for months.  And she also provides practical tools and resources I had no idea existed.  Her enthusiasm for life is contagious and inspiring.  So, if you want to have a smooth-flowing life you love, hire Jen.

    Jesse Koren, Co-Founder of Thrive Academy
  • There’s nothing like a good coaching session with Jen to calm the crazy voices in my head. After we speak, I feel more clear, grounded, and ready to tackle anything! Her straightforward questions and practical advice will help you get it together on the Earth Plane.

    Vrinda Normand, IrresistibleMarketing.com
  • What a great seminar! I really enjoyed focusing on finding peace in the middle of action and I got a lot out of all the great info Jen shared!

    Rosemary Gara-Hill, Artist & Coach
  • After learning Jen’s 5 Step Method to Conquer Chaos, I realized what was holding me back and I released my fear of making a wrong decision. I feel free, light and great! I feel motivated to organize for the first time in a long time and I’ve already started. 

    Dr. Julia Lewis, D.C.
  • My last two coaches were corporate coaches, one with 30 years in the business and the other with over 20 years experience coaching executives. Jen is younger than me and I thought this might be a problem. We’ve been working together for months now and man is she good. She provides a clean structure on which to hang aspects of my life that had been previously disorganized. She takes a disarray of unstructured experiences, time management and work flow issues and interprets them through feedback. She transforms them into cognitively relevant variables that can be acted upon. Aspects of my life that had been mysterious, I can now see clearly and adapt my management skills to them to create more focused days and a successful business.

    Lauren Barghout, M.S., Ph.D, Founder Eyegorithm
  • With my sessions with Jen, I was able to feel the power within by removing the clutter and baggage that I have carried for a long time.  She gave me the confirmation that I needed to move on in my life with empowerment and strength.  She has made me feel whatever happens, I can learn from it and grow stronger.

    Mary Ethington, El Cerrito, CA
  • Jennifer’s coaching style is down-to-earth, relaxed and accessible. She has a true gift for keeping me on-task, and encourages me to be utterly honest with myself. My life is truly enriched by her guidance and support.

    LaSara Firefox Allen, Author & Coach
  • Since starting coaching with Jen, my anxiety level has decreased by half. I’ve organized my finances, made significant progress in my business and am more smoothly juggling all the areas of my life. Jen’s guidance and support have helped me feel more powerful and balanced.

    Robin West
  • Jen is a great coach for high strung people. The way she listens and speaks is calming. I always felt heard, even when I was unable to take a breath. I truly believe she is intuitive and that really helps.

    Heather Valentine, MsFoodie.com