The Power of Setting Your Intention

At the beginning of every coaching session, my client and I take a few breaths together to center and I ask clients to set or tune into an intention for the session. I ask clients what they want to experience in the session and/or leave with and hold that intention and sometimes direct the session toward their intention. Common intentions are ease, clarity, motivation, and peace. Today, the word “fruition” came up as an intention for a client. I felt curious and looked up the meaning. We found definition (below) 2. “Enjoyment derived from use or possession.” especially interesting because it’s more about being in the moment rather than a particular outcome or accomplishment.

fruition – n.noun (Houghton Mifflin via

Fully bloomed hibiscus flower.

Fully bloomed hibiscus flower.

1. Realization of something desired or worked for;

2. Enjoyment derived from use or possession.

3. The condition of bearing fruit.

Setting your intention for a task or project and returning to the intention can support more fruition in the moment and move you toward realizing your desired outcome.

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