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“When you lead with vision and harness business as a creative process, there's no limit to what you can create.”

Jen Aly
Biz Coach, TEDx Speaker

Jen Aly Business Coach for Artists

The Most Important Skills and Mindset for Creative & Holistic Entrepreneurs

leveraging the new business paradigm with astrologer liz gunn and business coach jen aly



What they say about me

“Jen is a true gem and was literally an answer to a prayer! I highly recommend her if you want solid support to move forward. Jen clearly walks her talk and presents the material with transparency, humor, wisdom and compassion for what it takes to create a sustainable body of work as a creative or holistic entrepreneur. I really appreciate her organized teaching style which provides an engaging, non-judgmental, atmosphere of trust to support growth.
~Liz Gunn, Intuitive Astrologer
Asheville, NC
Jen’s money program shifted how I look at making money, spending money, tracking my money, & setting money goals. I gained a different perspective of myself & my artwork. The biggest thing is that it helped me reclaim my self worth as an artist. My art is quite important to me – the act of creation & now the process of selling. I am now able to price my work for what it’s worth & hold the value. Before the program was even over, I had my best show at a venue I’ve showed at many times.”
~Susannah Mele, Mixed Media & Fiber Artist
Sedona, AZ
“Jen’s money program gave me some new perspective on how to continue growing my business and keep my money beliefs in check when I was feeling challenged during COVID. I already had a pretty solid handle on good business practices before Jen’s program, but I still learned some new things to try, which I’m happy to now have in my tool kit! Her matter-of-fact approach to prosperity consciousness and good business practices helped me stay focused on positive thoughts and good habits as I navigated uncertain times.
~Ishka Lha, Artist
Berkeley, CA





Jen Aly is a business coach for creatives and artists. She support you to create, grow, & optimize a thriving business.

  • Her business framework is vision led, guided by the creative process, and focuses on cultivating prosperity and growth mindsets.
  • She teaches marketing, sales, and financial skills in ways that are genuine, practical, leveraged, and fun.
  • She is founder of the MBA Academy community membership program.
  • Her TEDx talk, "Harness Creativity as Your Greatest Business Asset" was among the 10% of TEDx talks chosen for TED.com.
  • A coach since 2003, she also geeks out on art, wellness, travel, and house plants.
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