Take charge of your life & make a positive

impact without selling out or burning out.


Jen Aly Business and money coach for creatives

You’ve already made the bold decision to live and work on your own terms…now it’s time to decide to thrive & prosper….let me show you how.

Are you ready to …

  •  create more prosperity, freedom, & impact?

  •  grow and evolve without burnout?

  •  take your work and your income to the next level?

  •  get support to really make it happen sooner rather than later?

You are committed to living a life outside the box…it’s who you are. What I know as a creative and businesswoman is it’s possible to live a creative life and be successful financially. I want to help you have that too.

I embrace my freedom through a successful business, an intentional lifestyle, and my ability to make money….and I want this for you.



“When you lead with vision and harness business as a creative process, there's no limit to what you can create.”

Jen Aly
Biz Coach, TEDx Speaker

Jen Aly Business Coach for Artists

The Most Important Skills and Mindset for Creative & Holistic Entrepreneurs

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What they say about me

“Jen is a true gem and was literally an answer to a prayer! I highly recommend her if you want solid support to move forward. Jen clearly walks her talk and presents the material with transparency, humor, wisdom and compassion for what it takes to create a sustainable body of work as a creative or holistic entrepreneur. I really appreciate her organized teaching style which provides an engaging, non-judgmental, atmosphere of trust to support growth.
~Liz Gunn, Intuitive Astrologer
Asheville, NC
Jen’s money program shifted how I look at making money, spending money, tracking my money, & setting money goals. I gained a different perspective of myself & my artwork. The biggest thing is that it helped me reclaim my self worth as an artist. My art is quite important to me – the act of creation & now the process of selling. I am now able to price my work for what it’s worth & hold the value. Before the program was even over, I had my best show at a venue I’ve showed at many times.”
~Susannah Mele, Mixed Media & Fiber Artist
Sedona, AZ
“Working with Jen set the stage for my business to go to the next level. I increased my income, paid down a significant amount of debt, bought a house, and saved enough to open a brand new office.  I learned a lot about money management, how to manage my energy and how to invest more in myself. I found new ways to organize goals that were rewarding instead of overwhelming. My time with Jen will pay me back for decades. For sure.

Sybil Smith, Therapist~Sybil Smith, LPC,