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8 Sneaky Ways Scarcity Thinking Sabotages Your Money Mindset

Money mindset is a big deal for you as a business owner.

One key to practicing gratitude and a solid money mindset is not letting scarcity mindset get the best of you.

Scarcity mindset can be very tricky.🤔 ⁠

It can get you in ways you’d least expect it.😒⁠

For example, you may think you are in prosperity when you make a big purchase with your credit card…but if you’re not going to pay it off, you’ll pay way more for it. 😳⁠

Have a plan. Do the math. 😎⁠

Notice where you are coming from. 😊⁠

If you’re in business and are in scarcity, you won’t get ahead.💯⁠

You’ve got to do money mindset work.💥⁠

Avoiding Your Numbers

Vagueness is not an income strategy. Clarity leads to freedom. Get on it. How much money do you have, spend, make, need, etc?

Not facing your numbers is a recipe for disaster. Get support if you need it.

Using debt non-strategically

“Debting” without strategy, intention, total clarity, a realistic pay-off plan, is scarcity in disguise. It’s you saying, “I don’t believe I have enough, so I’ll pay +20% more because I’m not enough.

Time scarcity

Rushing, hurrying, not giving yourself space between appointments, overgiving, overbooking yourself, making excuses, not prioritizing self-care, not taking time off…giving your life away to hustle.

Busy-ness addiction

Not giving your brain (and nervous system) breaks from working, screens, technology, “doing” all the time, and thinking about your business.

Trying to Prove Something

Over-giving/scheduling/working out of some deep need to prove something to yourself or someone else.

Lack of Clear Boundaries

Saying yes when it’s not a total yes. Saying yes out of fear of someone else’s discomfort or your own. Prioritizing the goals of others to the detriment of your own.

Hoarding Money or Stuff

If you have a few months of money saved (as an entrepreneur) and don’t give yourself a life you enjoy, you may be coming from scarcity. Live is here to be lived. And it’s short. Do something cool. Or donate to a cause you believe in. Donate stuff you don’t need/want.


If you avoid paying taxes, being seen via marketing, or hide who you really are, you are only doing yourself a disservice. You deserve to be visible, connected. All money comes from people. Connection is a key to prosperity.

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