whatever makes your soul happy do that
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A Vital Self-Care Message from My Soul to Yours

This note to myself from 2021 still resonates for me. As I practice true self-care, I unlearn the old ways of being and continue to cultivate new ways of being and doing. I shared this with my email list and have wonderful feedback, so I’m sharing it here too.

It’s OK to rest.

To be where you are.

It’s OK to relax and have fun.

To not be “productive.”

It’s OK to have fun with food.

To not go outside.

It’s OK not to give your time, energy, & focus to somebody else today.

It’s nurturing for you to follow what you want to do.

You’ve had decades of doing what you thought you should do, doing things for others, and trying to prove yourself. We both know you’re done with that. Every time you’ve tried, your body freaks out.

And now you’re in a place of resetting. Have faith and trust in the process of the reboot. Allow yourself to come back on in your own time. You can’t force it anyway.

You’re not in charge and you’re not in control, so stop pressuring yourself like you are.


whatever makes your soul happy do that

Allow yourself to be and to be alive and enjoy life. The connection with yourself that you are creating now is a foundation for the next phase of your life. Value this because it is the thing you need now.

Nothing outside of yourself can give you this connection or is as trustworthy. You have been clearing the way for a while to allow more of your soul light in and more connection with the universe.

Your self-care includes learning boundaries and clearing out relationships, perceptions, beliefs, struggles, cultural expectations, projections from others, and anything else that is not aligned with the next level of who you’re becoming. It was all leading up to this moment.

Now you are laying a new foundation that is stronger and more expansive than you’ve ever experienced. Trust the process and allow.

It will be worth it. You have the courage. Just keep connecting with yourself, taking care of yourself, following your intuition, and taking action when called clearly.

Allow ease, grace, and joy into the process and release the idea that it has to be a struggle, that you have to push yourself, or that you’re not doing enough.

The pressure that you felt for so long to be more and do more and have more, to be some version of perfect, is not yours. You have let that go. And now you’re cultivating what you’re putting in place of it. It is a more gentle allowing energy that is more natural to your essence and not just sustainable, but regenerative. A deeper form of self-care that speaks to your soul.

The imbalance you’ve been experiencing with the overdoing, overwhelm, pushing, ambition, drive, and urgency is no longer viable.

The time has come to create inner balance and harmony and to create, manifest, work, connect, and express from a more harmonious, internally sourced, and organic place.


floral image with quote "what if it all works out?"

You may have noticed that when you get in your head and you begin pushing, it no longer works & you burn out very quickly. Your body can no longer hold this non-embodied mental vibration because it doesn’t connect to your heart or assist you in this new dimension.

You’re now creating a more sustainable connection with yourself, the earth, and the divine. This connection is the foundation of what you will create next.

It will grow instead of you having to build it. Allow the foundation to be set, and intuitively nurture the seeds you’re called to plant. The rest will take care of itself.

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