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Annual Business Planning Workshop for Creative and Holistic Entrepreneurs

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Use this annual planning business workshop to make 2023 truly great!

What if you could use the richness of the past couple of years to fertilize a fresh and exciting start?

It’s been a whirlwind! It’s been challenging to plan very far ahead due to the unpredictability of the world.

You may have lots of ideas of what you want to do in your business but the follow-through isn’t always as easy.

Do you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels in your business doing the day-to-day stuff?

What if you could learn to set goals and plan in a new way that still works in the unknown?

Are you ready to gain a higher perspective and feel inspired to thrive in your business and life?

And you’re the only one who can give it to yourself and your business….and fully offer your unique gifts to the world.

Make 2023 the year you rock your business!

This program is engaging, playful, and potentially life-changing.

In this annual planning business workshop, you will:

~Harness the fuel from past lessons to generate inspiration

~Rejuvenate and enliven your experience of your vision

~Clear out what’s in your way & claim your power

~Move forward more confidently to the next level of your business and life

My intention is that you will finish this program with new inspiration and more confidence to be and do more than you thought possible.

That you will have so many insights and perspective shifts that you’ll look back see it as a turning point in your life!

My intention is that this workshop will blow your mind & change your life.

This workshop is for you if you are you are ready to:

  • Connect deeply with your vision like you never have
  • Ignite your next level of motivation & confidence
  • Learn new mindset strategies to break old patterns
  • Connect with like-hearted business owners
  • Create achievable goals & action plans
This interactive workshop is an opportunity to get clear on what you are creating and how you’ll make it happen in 2023.

Give it to yourself, your business, and your customers/clients to make this your BEST BUSINESS YEAR YET.

You deserve to take time out to vision and create your life and business your way.

2 Hour Interactive Workshop and Recording= $39

Or receive the workshop for free when you get on the MBA waitlist before 2/22/23.

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