the number one reason business fail
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Avoid the #1 Reason Most Businesses Fail

the number one reason businesses fail
Businesses fail every day. And knowing why businesses fail can help prevent you from falling into it.

Financial literacy is rarely taught in schools.⁠

It’s no wonder money issues have topped the charts as the most common stressor among Americans according to studies by the American Psychological Association.*⁠

Did you know that with the average interest rate for credit cards of 17%, it only takes around 4 years for the amount to double? Most people don’t realize this.⁠

Being in business brings a whole other level of uncertainty and risk regarding finances.⁠

Around 50% of businesses make it to the 5-year mark and only 30% are in business for 10 years.⁠ At least 90% of businesses fail in the first 5 years. Shocking as it is, that statistic is everywhere. There are many reasons businesses fail.


People rarely talk about money and there is so much to talk about!⁠

Knowing how the game works and upgrading how you think about money and how you deal with it tips the odds in your favor.

Are you tired of money issues limiting your business and your life?⁠

What if you could gain confidence in your ability to make and manage money?

What is possible for you and your business when you shift your relationship with money?

Can you afford not to invest in your relationship with money?

It’s possible. And you deserve to have the mindset and skills you need to succeed in business.

My Complete Money Makeover Method helps clients reset their money relationship for years to come. ⁠

Here’s what it has happened for participants from the past few years and could do for you:

Transform Money Beliefs⁠
-Unlearn beliefs that hold you back⁠
-Up-level your money mindset to prosperity thinking⁠

Develop Healthy Money Habits⁠
-Learn the #1 game-changing money habit⁠
-Learn simple tools to track & manage your money⁠

Gain Confidence⁠
-Increase your confidence to make and manage money⁠
-Breakthrough your resistance to marketing and sales⁠

Heal & Connect in Community⁠
-Hear and share(optional) money experiences⁠
-Release shame, resistance, & fear about finances⁠

Increase Your Capacity to Receive More⁠
-Own your value and self-worth⁠
-Feel confident in pricing your work⁠

Check it out.

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