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Are you a recovering perfectionist or a recovering people-pleaser? Are you ready to let go of perfectionism? What about people pleasing? I know neither worked for me. And I tried really hard. I found that they limited my capacity to take risks, finish projects, and get what I really wanted.

longing is knowing you're meant to have a thing without believing you can have it Martha Beck, Martha Beck Coach meeting 3/24

As a Martha Beck coach since 2003, I have never for one moment regretted becoming a certified life coach. Recently, I had the honor of watching a Zoom meeting with Martha & our community of Martha Beck coaches, also called Wayfinder Coaches. Her answer to the first question from a

whatever makes your soul happy do that

This note to myself from 2021 still resonates for me. As I practice true self-care, I unlearn the old ways of being and continue to cultivate new ways of being and doing. I shared this with my email list and have wonderful feedback, so I’m sharing it here too. It’s

My current office in Oaxaca City. Travel work station with laptop.

Are you a life coach or thinking about becoming one? Recently, I responded to a post by a coach in a Facebook group of women business owners asking about the realities of being in business as a life coach. Here is my response(with some edits and additions): I appreciate this

optimize your google business page Jen Aly Coaching example

Optimize your Google Business Page to help your clients find you. Business and tech are always changing and it’s important to stay in the loop so you don’t get left behind. One powerful & imperative marketing tool for your business is your Google business page. I had used a Google

It's not about the money but scarcity mindset will make about the money

A scarcity mindset is underneath beliefs that limit your respect of money, your money habits, and your capacity to earn more money. Your judgment of money and your pride around not valuing money is not helping you or anyone else.🤔 You holding on to an identity that is wrapped up

evolve your money identity

Let’s face it, one key to growing a business is being able to create better habits with money. This includes your confidence level in making money, how you perceive money, and trusting yourself to manage money well. One thing I learned from James Clear’s book Atomic Habits is a big

the number one reason business fail

Businesses fail every day. And knowing why businesses fail can help prevent you from falling into it. Financial literacy is rarely taught in schools.⁠ ⁠ It’s no wonder money issues have topped the charts as the most common stressor among Americans according to studies by the American Psychological Association.*⁠ ⁠

sales training workshop

This sales training workshop for holistic and creative entrepreneurs isn’t like any other. Business growth depends on having a solid sales process you believe in. One reason sales gets a bad rap is that we all have had experiences with salespeople that have completely turned us off to the idea