You can't get to your dream, you must come from it. ~Mary Morrissey

Here are 2  gifts for you. Gift #1 : Future Self Visualization: Tuning Into Prosperity I’ve finally made this popular visualization into a self-guided product. There are two parts…the guided visualization and an integration process. If you’ve experienced this visualization with me before, you’ll notice a few evolutions in this

money self love and hormones workshop asheville nc christine garvin jen aly

What’s the connection between money, self-worth, & hormones? There’s a lot! Join us for this interactive in-person workshop. About this event Money Coach Jen Aly and Functional Nutritionist Christine Garvin will share what they’ve learned about money and hormone while working with hundreds of clients between the two of them.

martha beck quote imperfection

Martha Beck is brilliant.💥 She has said so many insightful, truthful, inspiring quotes during her career and it just gets better. I had the privilege of studying with her to become a Martha Beck life coach in 2003 in a small group in Arizona.🌵 Now she beautifully calls coaches certified

action vs. motion james clear atomic habits

Action vs. Motion is a powerful distinction from Atomic Habits by James Clear which is priceless and helpful. 😁⁠ Let’s talk about motion vs. action. They are similar, but not the same. 🤓⁠ “Being in motion is when you are planning, strategizing, & learning. These are good and important, but

Hakomi Sensitivity Cycle 4 stages

Business growth always presents some level of discomfort. It’s never easy. Every time I move to the next level, no matter which area of my life I look at, I have to do something that doesn’t come naturally to me. I don’t know anyone who has not been impacted by

MLK quote- take the first step

    If you hesitate to follow your dreams, consider this….   There are billions of people on the planet. And there are infinite ideas. And you have very specific and tangible ideas that have rested in your psyche, your heart, ideas that keep nudging you.   I believe that

Business as a Creative Process TEDx Talk Jen Aly

This TED talk for creatives and creative entrepreneurs will support you to heal past challenges with creativity and embrace the components of business you may be resisting. This TEDx talk supports you to heal your relationship with creativity and to unlearn values school taught you that no longer serve you.

consistency over intensity James Clear quote

New Years Resolutions have only an 8% “success” rate. So that’s a 92% chance that you won’t make it through the year with your commitment. Not great stats. My friend Meghan O’Malley posted this meme.  Truth! So, if you feel inspired to create new habits, to improve your life in

Whether we like it or not, we are still in “pandemic times.” Pandemic stress is impacting your business in some way, although there are too many ways to count or predict and they are fluctuating. Behind the scenes people are more open about the stress and challenges than on social