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Boost Creativity, Focus, & Productivity with these Music Playlists

What if you could boost creativity and productivity, and increase focus with one fun and inspiring tool?

It’s the middle of summer (with newfound freedom from post-pandemic limitations!) and being productive and creative may not be your highest priority.

It’s easy as an entrepreneur to think about your business when you’re not working. But, putting pressure on yourself to work when you’re not working doesn’t help anything. It’s counterproductive.  It just causes stress.

Giving yourself time off, having fun, and enjoying life are aspects of cultivating and living into a prosperity mindset.

This is why it’s imperative to clarify work time and free time.

I’ve found choosing the most important tasks and committing to those supports me to prioritize and be efficient. Shorter work periods help me optimize the time I’m working and get out and play more. Miraculously, the less time I have to do something, the quicker it gets done.

Music can support you to increase focus, boost creativity, and promote productivity. 

This article breaks down some research about how music can help. It even clarifies that some kinds of music work best for certain intentions and certain styles will actually distract you.

Here are some Spotify playlists that I use to boost creativity, productivity, and focus. You can find these and more listed on my Spotify profile or click on below on one you are drawn to. Enjoy!


Courage-Confidence-Purpose: This is for when you need an uplifting boost in creativity, motivation, confidence, or courage.

Soulful Sing-Along Playlist: This is great for painting, doing hands-on creative work to increase focus.

Just Freaking Beautiful Playlist: This one is for deep creative inspiration to boost creativity.

Gladiator Theme Song Playlist: This is a great one for a 30 minute super focused stretch of work(which I use similarly to strategies for the Pomodoro Technique). I use this one only when I’m writing or editing. When I need to get into the zone, this is my favorite low-key playlist to boost creativity.

Deep Focus Playlist: This one is instrumental and is great background music for lots of activities where you need to increase focus. (I’m listening to this one as I write this.)

Intense Studying Playlist: Increase focus for study or work with this playlist of piano music.

Whatever It Takes: This one is for when you need to seriously motivate, boost creativity, and get things done. It’s the wake you up productivity boost.

Let me know which is your favorite.

Have fun! 


Jen Aly

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