"Make your vision so clear that your fears become irrelevant." Kerwin Rae quote
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Clarify Your Business Vision To Motivate Effective Action

This powerful business vision exercise is a game changer. The more thoroughly you answer these 10 questions in writing, the more you will be in touch with your “why.”

This vision-clarifying exercise is a priceless source of motivation and inspiration you can keep tapping into for your business vision and your life.

make your vison so clear that your fears become irrelevant- Kerwin Rae

10 Questions to Motivate You, Even If You’re Burnt Out


1. What does your life look like when you have all of your wants and needs met?

2. If you could have anything you wanted for your business, what would it look like?

3. Beyond that, what else would you want?

4. What would that give you?

5. Why do you want it?
6. Why is that important?
7. Why else is it important?
8. How would your life be different?
9. How would this impact others?
10. What does it feel like to be living in your vision?


After you’ve answered these questions, notice what feeling/image/symbol stands out the most. Create a way to “anchor”  how you feel when you tune into this vision. It can be as simple as words on a Post-It note that you’ll see often, a screen saver for your phone, or you could create a piece of art that anchors this symbol.


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