A powerful coaching tool to help you get unstuck

Looking for a coaching tool you can use yourself to get unstuck?

This impactful coaching tool is one of the simplest and most powerful that has endless uses.

What if by asking yourself different questions, you could break patterns in thinking and expand possibilities.

While it sounds super simple, it’s an amazing tool!

If you find yourself stuck in a loop of thinking and trying to figure out a problem, try looking at it from a different angle.

Notice which questions you are asking yourself.

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See if you can get a broader perspective above the either/or thinking, the choices you think you are limited to, what ‘people’ might think, and even who you think you are.

The past few months have been challenging in lots of ways no matter who you are. It’s easy to get stuck in survival mode.

How can you gain some fresh perspective by asking yourself questions that expand your thinking, creativity, and capacity to co-create with the universe?

For example, be especially alert for questions that begin with phrases such as these:

“Why can’t I…”

“Why haven’t I…by now?”

“How come so and so has…. but I don’t?”

These will only add to the process of beating yourself up, impacting your confidence and self worth.

Here are some empowering questions to consider as a step in a more productive direction:

“What am I learning right now that can support me as I go to the next level of my life?”

“If I had what I needed right now, where would I look for it?”

“How can I use my challenges as fertilizer for what I want to cultivate in my life?”

“What’s perfect about this situation?”

A lot of times, the questions we ask are so deep they are not exactly in words. We have to dig a little deeper to be able to see what’s underneath any kind of loop thinking or feeling.

This free tool may also give you what you need to get perspective and insight if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Remember this coaching tool to shift the questions you’re asking and reset your mindset toward possibility and expansion.

If you’re looking for more balance in your life, check out this resource.

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