Are you ready to make more money and take your success to the next level while staying aligned with your values and intuition?

Are you creative & intuitive?

Do you have so many ideas that you don’t know where to start at times? You may feel confident in your craft/work/offerings but are not as confident in business, marketing, systems, finances, and sales. You feel called to move into the next level of business growth, yet you're unsure about how to get there in a way that is efficient and aligned for you.

You may have voices in your head that say, “Wanting more money is greedy,” “If I want to make more money, I have to sell out.” “I’ll be overwhelmed if I work more to make more money.” “I can’t make a lot of money doing what I do.” These voices in your head (and deep beliefs) may be holding you back. It is possible to transform limiting beliefs, release social programming, and empower yourself to become the next version of yourself.



Creative and intuitive types like us are not usually drawn to traditional business models. Personally, I was repelled by "business" for most of my life until I found my own way of embracing it and creating through it.

We need a more out-of-the-box, integrated approach that is relevant to us, that helps us apply business tools in ways that harness our unique strengths and values.

This specialized support is exactly what I offer. I was initially trained in business by a company that teaches holistic practitioners business skills. Turns out, artists have a lot in common with holistic practitioners. They are both more right-brained and have different strengths to access than those drawn to more traditional models of business.

Business, marketing, and sales have their own structures. Understanding them in a way that harnesses your strengths, including your creativity and intuition, is part of what can take you to the next level.


If you’ve seen my TEDx talk... know that I have failed at business. And I have started a few businesses from scratch where I’ve more than tripled my income in 3 years. And I've supported many clients through the years to breakthrough income thresholds and create more prosperity and impact.

I’m an artist, “retired” English instructor, life coach, healer, traveler, and business strategist who has learned a lot about money and business the hard way and with the help of lots of amazing mentors. As a business coach, I’m dedicated to helping creative and holistic entrepreneurs create positive impact and prosperity.

I am a bridge between the intuitive world and the business world and a guide for those who want to find their unique way into more expression, freedom, and prosperity.

Coaching with me isn’t for everyone.

Working with me requires that you are willing to learn new things and grow to create more, receive more, & live more fully. It requires that you want to be paid well for your work in the world, but not at the cost of your health, values, or harming others. Choosing coaching with me means you are ready to be seen and to be held to your highest potential.

It requires that you are willing to learn to trust your gut, stretch into new skills, and finally create the vision you feel called to bring to the world.


If you are ready to step into your purpose and prosperity, book a call with me below.


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"The first time I met Jen, she gave me a piece of advice, that was such an 'aha' moment, I went out and implemented it immediately and that action is still paying off years later."~Rebecca Williams, Founder Mountain Girl Media