GYHOOYA 4 Day challenge

The 4 Day Get Your Head Out of Your A$$ (GYHOOYA) CHALLENGE

Do you sometimes feel like you just can't Get Your Head Out Of Your A$$ (GYHOOYA) long enough to do what you know you're meant to do? Overcome Self Sabotage, Perfectionism, & Procrastination

leveraging the new business paradigm with astrologer liz gunn and business coach jen aly

Leveraging the New Business Paradigm: An Inspiring Astrological Perspective

make peace with money in your business with money coaches jen aly and adam koren

Make Peace With Money In Your Business: Mindset shifts, inspiration, & practical action steps


The Money Makeover Program for Creative & Holistic Entrepreneurs


Recession Proof Your Mind & Up-level Your Business: Empowering Mindset, Practices, & Tools to Thrive

Flip your money beliefs to thrive in prosperity

Flip Your Money Beliefs to Thrive In Prosperity: Learn Priceless Transformational Mindset Tools

you can't get to your dream, you must come from it- mary morrissey

A Powerful Future Self Visualization: Tuning into Your True Prosperity & Potential

Money self love and hormones class with christine garvin and jen aly

Money, (Self) Love, & Hormones: Healing Your Relationship with Money, Stress, & Your Body

4 day business boost

The 4 Day Business Boost- 8 Principles of Prosperity for Creatives (& Holistic Biz’s too)


Learn to Love Marketing Masterclass : An Actionable Workshop with Mindset, Strategies, Tools, & More