The 4 Day Business Boost- 8 Principles of Prosperity for Creatives (& Holistic Biz’s too)

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Now it is more important than ever to upgrade your mindset.

Prosperity mindset can positively impact every area of your life.

Receive this gift to uplevel your life.

In just 4 days you’ll:

  • Learn the #1 game-changing prosperity mindset shift
  • Discover ways to shift out of fear and into possibility
  • Learn the 8 prosperity principles for creatives & holistic entrepreneurs
  • Gain fresh perspectives to motivate & inspire more earning


~ 4 Video Workshops (2+ hours total)

~ Inspiring resources to reboot your mindset

~ Mind-blowing affirmations

You have a vision for a reason.
You are a prosperous being.
People need what you offer.

Take this challenge to be inspired into

more prosperity & move your vision forward

Give yourself a boost! Join this 4-Day Business Boost to Learn the 8 Prosperity Principles.

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