Leveraging the New Business Paradigm: An Inspiring Astrological Perspective

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leveraging the new business paradigm with astrologer liz gunn and business coach jen aly

The new business paradigm supports you to go deeper, follow your gut, and create from your heart.

It’s time to bring your gifts to the forefront and offer them like never before.

We discuss shifting energies and how to leverage them in your business.

Here’s a note from Liz… ”as we are living, breathing expressions of an unfolding cosmic story, our inherent value to the collective has never been more important. The current planetary alignments offer cues & clues to accessing your inherent worthiness and the need to bring long-held, or newly emerging ideas of possibility into form.”

This is a recording of an interactive conversation on zoom with a live audience who ask questions and contribute.

Some themes we address:

-The most important thing to do right now in order to move forward
-How to work with the energy of Uranus
-It’s a powerful time to take risk
-Thriving at the razors edge of the unknown
-Making micro-adjustments step-by-step
-It’s not what you do it’s your state of being and the energy

Liz Gunn is an amazing intuitive astrologer & has facilitated over 3500 private astrology sessions since 2012. She has an unreasonably impressive way with words that is very likely to blow your mind in beautiful ways. For more about Liz, visit LizGunn.net.

Jen Aly is a business and prosperity coach for creative and holistic entrepreneurs. She’s all about supporting the reallocation of resources to those who do biz with integrity and bring more beauty to the world.

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