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money makeover program headerWhat would a money makeover program do for your relationship with money?

You love what you do and you believe in it.

You enjoy the freedom of being an entrepreneur and you’ve worked hard to get this far.

You’re making a positive impact and people love your work.

Being your own boss, there’s no limit on how much you can create.

But you’ve hit a ceiling on how much money you can make and your time freedom isn’t as precious when money limits you.

You’re not alone. This is more common than people admit.

What is the missing link?

Your work and your business meet at the bridge of money.

Without money, you can’t do your work like you want to. Limiting beliefs from your past, from your culture, and from your fears can put a cap on your income and your capacity to receive it.

What if you could clear out your money history & beliefs and learn new financial skills?

And gain confidence in your ability to make and manage money?


I’m Jen Aly. Money and Business Coach for Creative & Holistic Entrepreneurs.

jen aly tedx asheville

In my first business in 2004, I barely looked at my finances & resisted marketing and sales. I did bookkeeping for the previous right before tax time. This avoidance ultimately led to significant debt and bankruptcy.

I had to face the facts and get a job, and my credit was impacted negatively for a decade.

Since then, I have painstakingly rebuilt my relationship with money and have created thriving businesses from a very different approach than before. Now, instead of freaking out about numbers, I dive in and use them to my benefit.

I transformed my resistance to finances by harnessing the power of healing, creativity, and visioning….and some mad new skills. With some major mindset shifts, I was able to embrace business, sales, and marketing to make more money.

Now I have created multiple creative and service-based businesses with zero debt and I increased my income 350% in 3 years.

Miraculously, I now use spreadsheets as a part of my planning and manifesting process for my business!

And the best thing is, now I focus on growing my business and living life instead of worrying about money.

In the process of healing my relationship with money, I had to let go of identifying as someone who didn’t know how to deal with money or was always broke. I had to move beyond the idea that I was not good at money and business because I didn’t like math and I am an artist and healer.

I have learned how to embrace and create new ways of looking at and growing businesses.

If I can do it, so can you. But you don’t have to learn the hard way as I did.

I believe if you have a vision, there’s a way to create it. You can be successful in business and have financial abundance as a heart-driven business.

I took what I learned and created this program to support entrepreneurs like you to transform your relationship with money…to create a clearer path to abundance.

I taught this program live to 5 different groups of entrepreneurs and developed and improved it each time based on what participants like you needed. The curriculum has been curated, tested, and proven to make a positive and lasting impact on your relationship with money.

This powerful program guides you through an internal and external money makeover. Are you ready to let go of what’s between you and prosperity?

The Money Mastery Intensive Program supports you to:

Transform Money Beliefs 

-Unlearn beliefs that hold you back
-Up-level your money mindset to prosperity thinking

Heal & Empower Your Relationship with Money

-Hear & reflect on money experiences
-Release shame, resistance, & fear about finances

Develop Healthy Money Habits

-Learn the #1 game-changing money habit
-Learn simple tools to track & manage your money

Gain Confidence

-Increase your confidence to make and manage money
-Breakthrough your resistance to marketing and sales

Increase Your Capacity to Receive More

-Own your value and self-worth
-Move forward to create your vision   -Feel confident in pricing your work


This money makeover program is for you if you are ready to heal & recharge your relationship with money.

Most business training doesn’t focus on money mindset and I believe it’s the missing link for many entrepreneurs.

This is a transformational program to create the next level of receiving and to own your worth in your work.

If you are ready, I’ve got your back.
I’ll guide you on how to makeover your relationship with money.

This includes clearing limiting internal money beliefs and gaining the external money tools that can work for you.
(Many of these you’ve never heard of.)

If not now, when?

This Money Makeover Program Curriculum has been curated, tested, & proven over the past 5 years:

header for module 1 money makeover program

~Assess Your Relationship with Money
~Assess Your Phase of Business (seed, sprout, sapling, mature)
~Clarify your vision
~Scarcity vs. Prosperity Mindset
~Embrace Business as a creative process
~Money as a relationship & a tool

header for module 2 money makeover program
~Clearing out limiting beliefs from childhood
~Emotional money triggers
~Clearing emotional triggers
~Owning Your Worth
~Powerful questions to shift your mindset

header for module 3 money makeover program
~Unpacking cultural beliefs about money
~Trusting the value of your work
~Clearing judgment & fear
~Recognizing your money patterns
~Powerful tools to shift money mindset

header for module 4 money makeover program
~Break free of unconscious money habits
~How to trust yourself with money
~Customize your tracking, planning, & systems
~Expanding your money comfort zone
~How to plan for fluctuating income

header for module 5 money makeover program
~Claiming your core values
~ Decision-Making Strategies
~Numbers as a Manifesting Tool
~When to debt and when not to
~Motivation & Momentum
~Define your next-level money relationship

header for module 6 money makeover program
~Pricing & Valuing your work (and raising your prices)
~Letting go of money guilt
~Generating More Income
~Manifesting your vision
~Clarify & empower your next steps


What is possible for you and your business when you shift your relationship with money?

This Money Makeover Progam is an investment in owning your value and receiving it.

What would that give you?

Can you afford not to invest in your relationship with money?

Money Makeover Program Features:

~Curated, tested, & proven curriculum that builds on itself to give you a money makeover inside & out

6 modules

~6 video recordings (8 hours total) of a live workshop/coaching/Q & A

6 videos

~Includes 6 sets of slide images (100 total) for all modules

~Worksheets and “home play” activities

~5+ Spreadsheets (cash flow tracker, visioning tools, IGA’s worksheet, etc.)



This is a turning point in your relationship with money…. potentially impacting the rest of your life.

If you’re ready to take your money relationship to the next level, give this to yourself. This program was created for you.

What participants say:


“Jen’s money program was the turning point in taking my business to the next level. Two years later I am now netting $5,000 a WEEK!  I’ve even opened a new retirement account & am adding extra to it.  If you’re not sure about investing in your money mindset, consider it an investment that will pay you back for years to come.”  ~Creative Business Owner, Asheville, NC

Jen clearly walks her talk and presents the material with transparency, humor, wisdom, and compassion for what it takes to create a sustainable body of work as a creative or holistic entrepreneur. I really appreciated her organized teaching style which provided an engaging, non-judgmental, atmosphere of trust that allowed all of us to show up fully each week. I felt relief the minute I signed up and that relief grew exponentially each week. By the end of the program, I felt renewed and tremendously inspired in my sense of what’s possible, along with practical action steps to support a new level of growth in my work. I highly recommend the Money Mastery Program if you want solid support to move forward.”
~Liz Gunn, Intuitive Astrologer

“This is a great program to shift the way you see yourself as an Artist and connect with yourself as a Business person who can and does make money from your art. Through this program, I have clarity on my direction for finances, and have clear goals and actions.” ~Miki Wright, Host of the Beauty SuperStars Talk podcast & Salon Business Coach


“If you’re a creative looking for support, structure, and guidance on money and the ‘business side of things,’ then I highly recommend Jen’s services! My experience in her money program resulted in more work being sold and greater confidence in increasing my worth.” ~David Sheldon, Artist, Sculptor, Sheldon Studioworks

“Jen’s money program shifted how I look at making money, spending money, tracking my money, & setting money goals. I gained a different perspective of myself & my artwork. The biggest thing is that it helped me reclaim my self-worth as an artist. My art is quite important to me – the act of creation & now the process of selling. I am now able to price my work for what it’s worth & hold the value. Before the program was even over, I had my best show at a venue I’ve shown at many times.”  ~Susannah Mele, Mixed Media & Fiber Artist
“Participating in Jen’s money program gave me insight into patterns of self-sabotage in my life and what I needed to overcome them. The introspection and focus on my relationship with money provided me with more clarity regarding my goals and dreams. It helped to share with others and hear how they have overcome obstacles related to money in their own lives. Since I completed the program, I have reduced my expenses and increased my income and am on my path to prosperity and abundance.”

~Rosemary Stearns, Accountant & Maker

Jen coaches creative thinkers to that sweet spot where financial reports are not a scary beast to hide from, but rather a vehicle that can transport you to your dream destination. The tools I learned in the Money Mastery Intensive opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about money and my business. I have bigger dreams and a more solid plan to achieve those dreams. – Andi S., True Blue Quilts

What other past participants in Jen’s money programs have said:

“This program helped me break through my beliefs about being a small business owner and helped me create a bigger vision for myself and my business. Jen is enthusiastic and shares her abundant knowledge on the topic of money and breaking through the barriers that hold us back from manifesting what we truly want and desire. This program helped me on a practical level and also on an emotional level. I’m excited about my vision for my business and have solid action steps to take to help me be more successful moving forward.”

“If you cringe, panic, or run at the thought/mention of money & finances in your business – you are not alone! This program will help illuminate where you are unconsciously holding yourself back, staying or playing small, and demystify the misinformed sneaky beliefs that are making your relationship with money feel hard. The insight and information Jen offered really helped me shake and shift limiting beliefs and fears I had around relating to and engaging with money in my business. I’m grateful to be moving forward with a much more clarified and liberated relationship to money and feel excited to continue to heal and enhance how I align with & embody prosperity through the financial aspects of my business. Thank you Jen!”

“It was priceless to connect with others who are also overcoming financial limits and to make progress in a safe space together.”

“I liked the group dynamic and hearing other people’s experiences. I gained an understanding of my fears of money and changed my relationship with it.

“The biggest thing I got out of this program was confronting my fear and ambivalence about money. I tracked my spending for the first time in my life! I’m just getting started and I’ve crossed a few money management milestones already.

“Before Jen’s money program, I felt like money was always leaving my life. There was always an expense or someone who had their hand out. Now I’m beginning to feel like money is coming towards me. I see opportunities to grow. I’m not afraid to give out my business cards and take risks to make sales. And it’s working.

“Being clear and focused frees up a LOT of decision-making space and time. I no longer see money hindering my goals. I see it as an asset. For the first time, I sat down to do my bookkeeping and look at my finances without a pit in my stomach. That was huge for me. Thanks, Jen.”


What do you mean by creative & holistic entrepreneurs? This categorization is a lot about how you see the world and about how you think the world sees you. Here are the types of biz owners that have worked with me:
Creatives: artists, makers, interior designers, graphic designers, writers, architects, jewelers, photographers, videographers, poets, stylists, crafters, publishers, editors, musicians, etc.
Holistic Practitioners: coaches, healers, bodyworkers, trainers, holistic doctors, yoga teachers, wellness counselors, acupuncturists, therapists, spa owners, etc.
What if I want to do this money makeover program faster than in 6 weeks?
You can! You will have access to all 6 modules in the correct order and can go at any pace you want. The course was originally taught as a 6-week course, but you can go as fast as you want.
What if I want to buy the course, but I can’t afford it?
There are 2 answers to this question:
1) If by “I can’t afford it” you mean you’d be giving me your food money to take the course, it’s not time for you to take the course. Please use the free resources I provide (articles, videos, gifts) and/or get support from free business counseling services.
2) If by “I can’t afford it” you mean that you are not willing to spend your extra money on your relationship with money, you may not be ready. If you choose not to do this program, let it be because you choose not to take it, not the limiting belief or “money wall” of “I can’t afford it.” By using money as an excuse…you are disempowering yourself when you are the solution. This program supports you to become the version of you who is the solution. This program is for those who feel ready to clear limiting money beliefs and commit to transforming their relationship with money as an investment in their vision, business, and future. What’s in the way becomes the way. I charged $500 for this live course.
Is there a money-back guarantee or guarantee?
No. When you commit to and invest in this program, the program starts immediately because you change your relationship with money by the very nature of committing to it. (One client made 10 x’s his investment right after he signed up!) This program is all about what you put into it. You’ll receive the content (modules, recordings of coaching, worksheets, resources) to use/access over and over again. At any time, if you need something you’re not getting, don’t hesitate to ask for it (that’s part of receiving too:-)).
Do you give refunds? No refunds will be given.
Will you cover pricing our products/services?
Yes! Pricing is such an important topic. We will cover pricing from a few different angles. You won’t see it the same again!

Will you cover investing?
Not specifically. After all, I’m not a financial advisor. We will cover aligning your choices about money with your values. I’ll share ways to make decisions for personal and business based on what’s important to you and your vision.

Will you talk about taxes and bookkeeping?
Yes. I will share financial tracking & planning resources, tell you what has worked for me and my clients in different phases of business, and share my experiences. I’m not an accountant or certified bookkeeper. I am coming from what’s practical, mindset, habits, and your relationship to money, etc.

Will you talk about debt?
Yes! An exciting topic to tackle. Indeed we will talk about when debt may be worth the risk, and when it’s not, and the importance of clarity during the process.

Does this program offer how to do social media and other marketing?
Not explicitly, however, we will talk about how money issues can inhibit willingness to be visible(or market yourself.) See a full list of content in the modules listed above. I do have other courses and trainings in my online store about marketing.

Can I go through the program more than once? Yes! You can replay the videos as much as you’d like. One participant said that he listens to the recordings in his car for inspiration.