Make Peace With Money In Your Business: Mindset shifts, inspiration, & practical action steps

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make peace with money in your business with money coaches jen aly and adam koren

Money stress is one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face.🤔

And the challenges are more complex when you have your own business.

People rarely talk about it.

What if you could shift your mindset and your habits to be more at peace with money❓

What would this give you?😻 And your business?👊

From this video you will:😅
-Understand money stress is super common…it’s not just you💯
-Feel more empowered around your money relationship💪
-Gain clear next steps to create more peace with money🚶
-Watch transformational coaching & have your own breakthroughs🤗

This video was recorded live with a fellow money coach, Adam Koren, and a live group of holistic and creative entrepreneurs.