evolve your money identity
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The Key To Create Better Habits with Money

Let’s face it, one key to growing a business is being able to create better habits with money.

This includes your confidence level in making money, how you perceive money, and trusting yourself to manage money well.

One thing I learned from James Clear’s book Atomic Habits is a big reason we don’t change our habits. ⁠

The core reason is often our identity. ⁠

I used to not identify as any of the following:⁠
-a business person
-being good with money⁠
-a money maker⁠
-a salesperson⁠
-a marketer

Instead, I identified as creative, holistically-minded, etc. ⭐⁠

And in my mind at the time, someone who is spiritual, creative, etc doesn’t relate to business, marketing, and making money.⁠

And that kept me stuck in a pattern of underearning. ⁠And included…

-years of struggle. 😕⁠
-frustration. 😖⁠
-failure at business.😒⁠
-filing for bankruptcy.🏦⁠

Then I took a break from business. ⁠

But I returned years later and I learned. ⁠

I learned a lot. 🤓⁠

🎨I learned business is a creative process. ⁠

📚Marketing is simply visibility and education.⁠

🤝Sales is simply connection and service.⁠

💰Money is a tool for freedom and expression.⁠

And I learned how to do business and make money in ways that are aligned with my values. ⁠I learned to honor and respect money and to create better habits with money.

And I made way more money in business than I’d ever made in professional jobs. 🙌😅💃⁠

Now I support creative and holistic entrepreneurs to thrive in business and make a more positive impact. ⁠

This is why I created and offer a powerful money program, the MBA Academy, and even free gifts to support you to reset your relationship with money forever. ⁠

evolve your money identity

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