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Business growth depends on sales: Increase your confidence and effectiveness at sales to make more money

One reason sales gets a bad rap is that we all have had experiences with salespeople that have completely turned us off.

Have you had bad experiences with salespeople who were pushy? Who didn’t listen to you? Who were focused on trying to get you to do something you didn’t want?

It could have been a call from someone trying to get you to “extend your car warranty.” It could have simply been someone at a drive-thru trying to “upsell you.”

I’ve had my share of frustrating sales calls with people who were attached to their agenda they couldn’t hear me. They didn’t realize no matter how pushy they were, I was never going to buy cable.

Trying to get someone to buy instead of understanding what they need/want is not a long-term success strategy. It might get you the sale in the moment sometimes, but it won’t keep customers coming back and sending referrals.

Bad sales practices are a result of someone making “closing the sale” more important than the person in front of them.


Don’t let your bad experiences with salespeople sabotage your sales and business.


When you sell an item or a service, you are opening a relationship, instead of “closing a sale.”


The most important thing is connection first and then listening with curiosity. Focusing on what the person wants/needs and sharing what you have to offer to see if it’s a fit.

Good sales is about connection, service, and creating a win-win.

Increasing your confidence and effectiveness at sales is the way to increase revenue.

I’ve sold low-end products to high-end coaching packages and lots of stuff in between. I’ve learned dozens of techniques and tools over the years. And what I’ve learned is that if it’s not aligned for me, it will never work. Do you relate?

I’ve created a new workshop to share powerful techniques, scripts, and questions to support you to up your sales game.

Join me and a beautiful community of creative entrepreneurs for this powerful masterclass.
learn to love sales masterclass


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