MLK quote- take the first step

Stop Using Resistance to Judge Yourself & Follow Your Heart and Dreams Now

If you hesitate to follow your dreams, consider this….
There are billions of people on the planet. And there are infinite ideas. And you have very specific and tangible ideas that have rested in your psyche, your heart, ideas that keep nudging you.
I believe that the very specific creative ideas you have (that likely light you up from the inside) are there for a reason. Your gifts are worthy of the risk you’d take to put your creativity out into the world….and that the world needs what you want to give.
And it’s not selfish because the idea that is pulling you very likely has more value to give than you have been giving.
If you’ve ever followed Martha Beck’s work, you likely know her distinctions between social self and authentic self. The “follow your heart and soul” voice VS. the “get a real career” voice.
We are programmed to not listen to ourselves…our bodies…our desires…that we are always “doing it wrong.” Or to judge ourselves as “fucking around” if we aren’t doing our dream already that the world tells us is crazy to do.

There are massive gifts you have to offer that are an authentic expression of all of you.

You may have covered them up to get by in life. And it takes a lot to face and move through the trauma/emotions/undigested experiences of dampening ourselves down for our whole lives.
My TEDx talk addresses some of these issues and how education dampens creativity and expression, how this impacts us and our businesses, and what to do about it.
It may seem “irresponsible” to do your creative work, but it could also be considered irresponsible to not do it because the world needs it and you need it. The voice whispering your dreams to you won’t go away.
People talk to me in their 60’s about dreams they’ve had for 20+ years and they still don’t do them. Only you can step into the choice to head the call of your heart. Even if you do it slowly, it still counts.
MLK quote- take the first step follow your dream follow your heart
Here’s a random inspiring example that shows anything is possible in business….Did you know that in the 70’s a man named Gary Dahl had an idea at a bar about how low maintenance a pet rock would be?
He made millions by selling Pet Rocks or $4 each? He put googly eyes on rocks, put them in a cardboard box that looked like an animal crate(with holes in it so the rock could breathe!), and created a booklet called The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock.
Dude became a millionaire!

About your current vision, a powerful question to ask yourself is:

What is the price you are (or will be paying) by not putting energy into your dream/vision/creativity? By keeping your status quo?

If you like your current life and choose it fully, there may be no “price.” Or, if the call is strong enough, the price could be spiritual, physical, mental, relational, &/or financial, etc.
Following your heart doesn’t have to be quitting your day job and spending all of your savings at once.
pet rock
It could be taking a single first step before you commit to a bigger container.
If you want to be a social media manager, go create your social media platform. But just start with a single, simple step. Create a business account or watch a video about how to create a social media calendar.
If you want to design jewelry, go get inspiration from a local handmade designer and talk to them about their journey.
If you want to shift your burnout from your thriving business to create leverage so you have more time to spend with loved ones, you get support to evolve your business to suite you now.
Maybe you take one step per week to see what happens…and to feel your feelings gradually as they come up so you don’t have to feel too many at once.

What would you say to a young person in your life who had an idea and desire to do what you want to do?

What would you tell them if they shared what the negative voices in your head are telling you?

If you don’t follow your dreams now, then when?

And if you don’t do it, no one else can do it for you.
I am committed to supporting people who come to me from where they are at and to believe in themselves. You are reading this for a reason.
Give yourself support to move through your process that is presenting itself to you. Trust that you’ll get what you need next, even if the outcome is different than you expected.
If you don’t feel like coaching is the answer, I hope you create a plan to get support to nurture the voices in your head that honor your creativity and want to bring even more value to the world and your life. To take the first step.
If you do feel like coaching may be what’s next, I’m here to support you where you are, cheer you on, and to help you move in the direction of a life of more creativity, expression, and freedom.


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