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Do you have money-related limiting beliefs? Here’s one client’s story.

(This powerful blog about a common limiting belief is by my amazing client and guest blogger, Amber Byers of Tadpole Press. Enjoy!- Jen)

From Amber Byers: I recently hired my first business coach because I’m ready to move my business forward in huge ways. As soon as I made the decision to hire this specific coach, I had an epiphany.

As clear as day, one of my biggest limiting beliefs with regard to money popped into my head: If I do this and become successful—take my business to an exciting new level and earn more money than I ever have—then I will be abandoning my family and myself.

Because one of our family values is that poor people are honorable and rich people are greedy. And being poor has been so much of my identity during years of financial struggle.

But I knew that I was ready to move forward, so I began working on letting go of my old limiting beliefs and welcoming the following beliefs into my life:

I let go of the limiting beliefs that no longer serve me.

I create new values for myself and my family.

I can be rich and honorable and generous.

I am powerful.

Immediately after I realized this, I had another limiting belief pop into my head: If I’m not able to make these big changes while my mom is alive, I’d be betraying her by changing later because she won’t be able to see the new me I’m becoming.

In case you’re not familiar with the concept of limiting beliefs, let me explain that their purpose is to keep you in place and prevent you from changing. Why do they want to keep you where you are? Because you’re alive. Not because you’re thriving or living your dreams. Just because you’re alive. And so far that’s worked out great as far as your limiting beliefs are concerned.

But if you know you can do better in your life, then that means you need to take some risks, try things you’ve never tried before.

Your old self will cling to whatever has kept you safe and alive in the past, which means it will fight against this change.

Some people will tell you to take these risks because they’re not going to kill you. But I disagree.

They will kill you—or at least the old version of yourself that you’re moving away from. And that’s okay. You have to let your old self die in order to make room for the new self that is trying to be born. That’s how we all evolve.

When I visited my mom recently, I shared these thoughts with her and was surprised to hear that she didn’t share these limiting beliefs as much as I did or as much as I’d expected her to. Instead, she was more curious about the big, new, fun ways that I was going to grow and change.

I told her that I didn’t know all the details yet, but that I want to fully step into the biggest, brightest version of myself possible—basically how some people say to “shine your light” and not be afraid to go big.

And when I told her that it made me sad if I couldn’t do that while she was alive, she said, “Oh, I’ll know.”

I responded, “Really?”

“Oh yeah. I still talk to my parents and they know all about me. They’re just amazed at how old their baby is now.”

And with those words, my mom gave me the best gift I could have asked for:

• Permission to let go of anything holding me back.
• Permission to step fully into the brightest version of my new self again and again.
• Permission to continue to grow and change and not stay stagnant because of anyone else.
• And the comfort of believing that she will still be with me even after she’s left this earth.
• Instead of worrying that I’ll be betraying her, I know now that my mom will always know how amazing I am.

Are there ways that you’re holding yourself back?

Do you want to move into your new self, but you’re afraid that you shouldn’t because of some limiting belief?

Well, let me give you a gift today.

You have permission to let go of your old self.

You have permission to step fully into the brightest, shiniest version of yourself that is trying to be born.

In fact, here’s a nice, neat little permission slip that you can fill in, print out, and hang on your wall to remind you that yes. You are in fact allowed to grow and evolve and reach your highest potential. Your new self is counting on you.

Download Your Permission Slip

Mother’s Day is upon us. Have you told the moms in your life how much you appreciate them lately?

Would your mom benefit from a permission slip to let go of other people’s expectations and just give a day solely to herself? Share this post with her or make her your own permission slip. I’m sure she’ll love it.

The author on her first morel mushroom hunting adventure with her mother.

Amber Byers, Tadpole Press

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