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How Pandemic Stress Is Impacting Your Business: 3 Common Themes & How to Show up for Your Business Right Now

Whether we like it or not, we are still in “pandemic times.” Pandemic stress is impacting your business in some way, although there are too many ways to count or predict and they are fluctuating.
Behind the scenes people are more open about the stress and challenges than on social media. And I believe there are things we are going through that we won’t even see clearly for years to come.
I talk with a lot of entrepreneurs one-on-one and I am constantly transforming myself and evolving my business. I see themes that we are moving through as a collective.
Do you relate to these 3 themes that have been showing up for me, my clients, and community lately?
I also share some tips for moving through these challenges.
Jen Aly

1-Recalibration & desire for clarity:

In the past 2 years, most everyone I talk to has gone through their own version(s) of “dark night of the soul.”
“Dark nights of the soul revive us. They change us.” ~Lee Harris
You may not feel like the same person you were 2 years ago. This intensified period of growth has but us in a time warp where we feel disoriented about short term and long term time. We are relearning how to do our day-to-day, be productive, how to pace ourselves, how to take care of ourselves, how to connect, and how and when to leave our houses. Still.

We are unbecoming who we used to be when the world was busier and our priorities weren’t as clear.

This is a creative process we are still in. The routines, schedules, plans, and strategies that worked for us what seems a lifetime ago, are no longer available or effective.
We are still in a time of people being on totally different wavelengths and even in what seem to be different realities about what is happening in the world. Each of us has our own version of reality filtered through our environment, hopes, fears, ego, etc.
On a daily basis there’s a lot to process about what is happening, what appears to be happening and why, and everybody else’s perceptions of all of it. These are unpredictable, often disconcerting, and sometimes shocking to us. And they reinforce the new level of flux we are still in.
As a result, our psyche’s are filled with more stress than “normal” which is a distant memory.  Pretending it doesn’t will just exhaust you more.
A part of the recalibration is figuring out what is aligned with the new you, what works for your clients and customers, and timing. You can’t force clarity.
“Clarity is a lot like love. We can’t force it, we can’t demand it or require it, we just have to be present and open to receive it.” ~Cheri Huber
Remember clarity comes from engagement, not thought. Therefore, play with your ideas, brainstorm, organize them, talk them out….see what happens.
Pushing yourself likely doesn’t work like it used to. Honor that. Give yourself space to unfold. If you feel stuck for longer than you can tolerate, get external support to help you engage with next steps.

2-Clearing scarcity & really old emotional triggers:

Our deepest and most intense shit has been uuuuup. Mine included. Heavy emotional triggers that we haven’t experienced in many years are coming to the surface in a big way for us to feel them to heal them.
It’s not fun. At all. (Except for that part of us that loves feeling fully and growing.)
This clearing out of old patterns, scarcity, fear, and attachment to past dreams is creating space for what is next.
Give yourself space to feel what you’re feeling, journal, make art, move your body, talk about it, sing it out, etc.
This “feelings wheel” from Feelingswheel.com may be helpful to connect with your feelings more than usual so you can feel and heal what’s coming up.
feelings wheel

3-Exhaustion from frustration and feeling hopeless at times:

On top of the previous two experiences, you may be feeling tired of being tired of being tired of being tired. Our “surge capacity” for a crisis is long gone. Uncertainty, conflict, fears, and disconnection on some level are still here.
Pam Gregory said it beautifully (paraphrased): It’s as if we are all on a plane that has hit turbulence, and we have to fly higher to get out of the chaos. Community and collaboration is one way to do get to this higher vibration.

Where can you create community, collaboration, connection, and support to rise above the chaos?

Collaboration and community are THE things helping me thrive right now. And on some days they are what’s helping me stay sane. They give me structure, connection, and help create clarity and momentum.
Being consistently uplifted and inspired are imperative ingredients in our lives right now.
If you want more connection and community for your business, a place to seep yourself in prosperity mindset and business growth, it’s coming in 2022. For years I’ve wanted to offer an on-line community program with longer-term support for creative and holistic entrepreneurs. And the time is now.
This community will be a place to show up where you are, learn, grow, and connect as you move to the next levels in your business. It will provide structure, curated content, expert resources, feedback, etc.

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