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How to Optimize Your Google Business Page: Help Your Clients Find You

Business and tech are always changing and it’s important to stay in the loop so you don’t get left behind. One powerful marketing tool for your business is your Google business page.

Jen Aly Coaching Google Business Page

I had used a Google page for my former jewelry business for 9 years and had amazing results from it. I had new customers coming in from out of state for jewelry-making classes and coming to my studio as a direct result of the Google page in conjunction with my website.

Google pages used to be only for businesses with a physical location. However, since 2020 Google pages have become more common for NON-brick-and-mortar businesses as well. I now see this as an imperative tool to any business and support my clients to utilize this powerful tool.

Reasons to Optimize Your Google Business Page:

~On Google, people are already looking for what you are offering.
~Often these potential clients are ready to buy.
~Google is the biggest search engine online.
~With a clear call to action (book, call, buy, etc.) they can buy ASAP.

Results from businesses who optimized their Google Business Page:

One client whom I coached earlier this year filled her private practice and created a waitlist for her service for the first time ever (after years in business) after optimizing her Google page.

Another client went from not showing up at all in a Google search for her service to quickly showing up in the top 12 listings.

In my business, I have been hired by amazing business coaching clients from across the country because they were searching for specific terms my Google page and website are optimized for.

The thing is, if you are not on there with a solid profile, people who are looking for exactly what you offer will not find you.

Are you ready to be seen?

How to Optimize Your Google Business Page:

✅1) Make sure your business name is consistent with your other branding so if people search for your business they will find it easily.

✅2) Choose as many categories as possible for your business

Google business page categories

✅3) Fill everything out (logo, location, bio, services, descriptions, events, etc.) thoroughly with relevant search words your customers are likely to use. Remember to add hours and choose relevant you are woman-owned and LGBTQ-friendly.

✅4) Regularly(weekly) update your profile. Add photos, videos, products, videos, schedule changes, etc. This is imperative because Google wants to show relevant and up-to-date resources to its audience.

✅5) Create a clear call to action or offer and update it often.

✅6) Check your Google business page performance. You will receive an email monthly from Google with a performance report and can also find “performance” on your Google business page.

✅7) Ask for reviews from current and previous customers. This works best if you ask for them when they are acknowledging the value of what they received as your client/customer. If they say yes, you can follow up to remind them as well.

✅8) Make sure your website is optimized to turn warm traffic into customers. Most importantly, it needs to be up-to-date and represent your current business with a clear call to action so that you can turn that fresh lead into a customer.

Make sure your website is doing what it needs to do for your current business. On September 14th, I will be teaching a workshop on “Creating & Optimizing Your Website.”

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