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How to Use Anger as Motivation for Good

You can use anger as motivation to do good in the world. Harnessing it and turning anger into motivation is an efficient use of your focus and energy. And you can create positive impact.

Anger is a signal. And it’s a catalyst. It has something to offer.

It’s the fuel of sacred activism, and social change.

woman at BLM protest with microphone
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Sometimes my biggest inspiration comes from anger.

When something pisses me off, I feel a fire that motivates me, and pulls me to express myself and create. I need to channel the energy into something productive when I can.

During times of chaos and uncertainty, it feels good to find something you care about AND that you can do something about.

One form that takes for me is my writing.

My most popular blog posts and articles have all been fueled by anger.

In May 2020 I found out the interest rates for people of color were jacked. I researched and shared the truths from the financial industry and gave ideas on how to be anti-racist in your choice of financial institutions. The article is 5 Steps to Leaving the Big Banks for Good: Racism in the financial industry and what you can do about it.
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― Buckminster Fuller
Another opportunity to channel anger into a contribution came when I was asked to join an “abundance circle.” It sounded too good to be true, but a group of amazing people were sharing it, so I felt torn. So I researched the topic (a bit obsessivly) and wrote “The Problem with Gifting Circles: When Scarcity is Disguised as Abundance.”(This article has been my most popular so far on Medium.com.)
Recently I heard from a friend that she had experienced not one, but two negative ordeals in a row with people who called themselves business coaches. It’s not uncommon for people who want support to get sucked in by big promises and powerful sales tactics. I wrote an article breaking down the most important qualities to look for and those to avoid in hiring a business coach: “Five Remarkable Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Business Coach.”

“One kind of anger is redemptive. It moves you to transformation and human up-building.”
~Ruby Sales (paraphrased), On Being interview with Krista Tippet

When have you used anger as a catalyst for change?
When you focus on what you can do to use anger as motivation for good in whatever form you choose, the energy moves through you. It doesn’t get stuck. It reduces stress and gives you a sense of purpose.

What pisses you off? What can you do about it? How can you turn anger into motivation?

Put it into your art. Move it though your body in a conscious way to fuel something good. Write about it. Donate to a cause you believe in. Speak up.

Dare to transmute the catalyst of anger into something good for you and the world.


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