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2 New Free Gifts if you want to Grow Your Business

To grow your business, you need to feel like it’s possible to be successful in business.  You need to get into a mindset that supports possibility and growth. You need to grow in order to grow your business.

Gift #1 : Future Self Visualization: Tuning Into Prosperity to Grow Your Business

You can't get to your dream, you must come from it. ~Mary Morrissey

What if you can gain a felt sense, to viscerally and emotionally experience what it feels like to have met your potential?

To be completely aligned and at peace with your highest self?

This visualization is a favorite tool of clients and workshop participants over the years.

My wish is that you are more able to “come from your dream” instead of trying to get to it or merely chasing it. Tuning in like this is unrated and very powerful if you want to grow your business.

“Pain pushes until vision pulls.” ~Dr. Michael Beckwith

I’ve finally made this popular visualization into a self-guided product. There are two parts…the guided visualization and an integration process. If you’ve experienced this before, you’ll notice a few evolutions in this version. If you’re new to this, get ready to have your mind blown. It’s simple but powerful.

Get it here.


Gift #2 to Support you to Grow Your Business: Four-part video series

8 prosperity principles for creatives to grow your business

Now it is more important than ever to upgrade your mindset.

Prosperity mindset can positively impact every area of your life.

Receive this gift to uplevel your life and grow your business.


In just 4 days you’ll:

  • Learn the #1 game-changing prosperity mindset shift
  • Discover ways to shift out of fear and into possibility
  • Learn the 8 prosperity principles for creatives & holistic entrepreneurs
  • Gain fresh perspectives to motivate & inspire more earning
~ 4 Video Workshops (2+ hours total)
~ Inspiring resources to reboot your mindset
~ Mind-blowing affirmations


You have a vision for a reason.
You are a prosperous being.
People need what you offer.

Take this challenge to be inspired into more prosperity & move your vision forward.

Give yourself a boost! Join this 4-Day Business Boos!

This 4 part video series (2 hours total) is a solid infusion of a prosperity mindset.

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For more inspiration, watch my TEDx Talk here.


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