Inspiration to Live your “Big Impossible Dream”

Although I’m a money coach for creatives, the focus is never on just the money. What good is money anyway if you don’t have the freedom to fully create your life and your work?

It is all about what my creative and/or holistic entrepreneur client wants to create and the best way(s) to leverage their strengths to get them there. Business is about creating value.

Increasing your income happens when you provide more value to people who want what you offer. That includes upping your game with how those people find you (marketing) and effectively conveying the value (sales).

While this sounds simple, there’s not one formula that works for everyone. It is a unique process focused on vision, mindset, strategy, new actions, and support.

Sometimes I forget that not every one has an experience of coaching and what it can do. Sharing what clients say is the simplest way to convey what I do, so here are a couple of inspiring clients sharing the experience of working with me.

The Spiritual Coach and Writer who Is Living his “Big Impossible Dream”

“When I started my coaching journey with Jen, I knew I was ready to take my own coaching business to the next level…but I was very uncertain about the path forward & the tools I would need to get me there.

Thankfully, Jen was the perfect guide, opening my eyes to new paths my business could take and helping me uncover tools within myself I didn’t even know were there. Through our work together, I was able to clarify what my business is really about and the clients I am really meant to serve.

By learning to trust that vision, my business has grown financially in ways I previously only dreamed of… but deep down feared were impossible for me. Through Jen’s guidance, I was able to make my big impossible dream a living, breathing reality.”

–Matthew Foley, Coach, Author – A Path To Call Your Own

Matthew took his business to the next level through his unique version of marketing, sales, and income generation. To see his spiritual coaching offerings and his writing, visit his site here.


The Designer and TEDx  Speaker Who is Changing the World

If you read my article about my experience, you saw that doing a TEDx talk takes way more than you might expect. Sonja wanted to make the most of her opportunity to present her TEDx talk. She hired me to support her through the journey of creating her talk while including strategy to grow her consulting business.

“I couldn’t have done my TEDx talk without Jen’s support. She was by my side the entire way, helping me foster, grow, and trust my creativity, confidence, and knowledge.

Jen helped me break old patterns and move beyond my limitations to greater freedom and joy in my work. She has an innate ability to balance the yin and the yang to evolve in business dynamically and boldly while allowing me to listen deeply to intuition and my heart.

I benefited from the powerful and magical space she holds that honors mind, body, and spirit. I am genuinely grateful for her caring support, loving presence, and guidance, for both honoring the process and getting the outcome I wanted.”

-Sonja Bochart, Designer, TEDx talk: “How Buildings Can Make Us Better”

Sonja’s talk, “How Buildings Can Make Us Better” shares her inspiration from and leadership in biophilic design. It was among the 10% of TEDx talks chosen to be on TED.com. If you love nature and design, don’t miss it!

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