we depend on each others dreams coming true Barbara Sher quote
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“Isolation Is the dream-killer, not your attitude” A Powerful TEDx Talk by Barbara Sher

I tell clients about this TEDx talk all the time.

Barbara Sher’s message is so powerful and it is more relevant than ever before in our post-pandemic lives.

we depend on each others dreams coming true Barbara Sher quote

I was first introduced to Barbara Sher’s work in 2007 through her book, “Refuse to Choose: Use All of Your Interests, Passions, and Hobbies to Create the Life and Career of your Dreams.”

The video featured below has had almost 6 million views! That’s how good it is.

It will forever change how you look at your business.

The concepts shared here inspired me to continue offering group programs and offerings so that you can connect with other like-hearted entrepreneurs in engaging and productive ways.

Community is the number one most valuable thing I have invested in as a business owner. Through workshops and training programs that I’ve invested in, I’ve met people who have contributed to my life and business for years to come. We’ve created accountability with each other, collaborated, given feedback, and more.

Set yourself up for success by giving yourself a community to tap into on a regular basis.

“We depend on each others dreams coming true.” ~Barbara Sher

It’s not easy to step into community. You have to trust yourself enough to show up for it. And you may have to heal some stuff around past experience in community.

If you are ready to stop isolating in your business and connect with the community of your dreams to support, uplift, inspire, and grow your business, check out the Money and Business Acceleration Membership Program.


“Isolation is the dream-killer, not your attitude”, TED Talk by Barbara Sher:

For more inspiration, visit TED.com or check out my TEDx talk here.

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