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Money & Business Acceleration(MBA) Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Money and Business Academy MBA Academy

Frequently Asked Questions for the Money and Business Acceleration(MBA) Academy

Do I have to commit to a certain number of months?
Not at all. It’s month-to-month. You will be billed every 30 days until you cancel.

What topics do you plan to cover in the program? So far, the list below includes the topics on the list. Let me know which ones you’re most excited about.

vision- becoming self-sabotage social media calendar
biz as Creative Process imposter syndrome social media
prosperity mindset perfectionism branding
new business frameworks procrastination email marketing
goal setting & tracking self-judgment sales strategies
Biz systems/processes decision making taxes
win-win-win/collaboration stress management bookkeeping
habits/productivity following your intuition search engine optimization(SEO)
pricing-raising your prices new takes on manifesting online sales/ads?
leverage/structure comfort zone how to say it- sales, boundaries
commitment to your vision self-leadership Hakomi sensitivity cycle
how to create persistence sustaining creativity on-line networking
value of micro-movements creating balance preventing burnout
growth mindset fear of visibility/rejection marketing strategy
cultivating momentum in business motivation 5 elements of Chinese Medicine
hiring contractors vs employees self-worth blogging (including keywords)
sales techniques limiting beliefs money mindset
marketing confidence money habits
negotiation boundaries short-term vs. long-term planning
time management leadership & management collaboration


When will the meetings be?
The 2 monthly meetings will be spread out over the month. Meetings will be between 4- 6 pm Eastern time.  As a member, you will receive recordings of content-based meetings(not co-working.) Here’s the current calendar unless a meeting falls on a holiday:

MBAA calendar

How many people will be in the group?
@5-30 people. I want to keep this program small for at least the first year.

Do I have to be in business already to join?
You don’t have to already have an established business to be a part of the MBA program. If you have a vision and a desire and commitment to learning, that’s enough.

Will this program help me to recover from burnout from years in business or create a new business model? This program is more for newer businesses who want to spend 4+ hours a month learning and growing in a community of creative and holistic entrepreneurs.
If you have been in business for a while and your current/previous business model has burned you out, I recommend scheduling a consultation to see if private coaching might be the best fit to evolve or optimize your business.

What do you mean by creative and holistic entrepreneurs? This categorization is a lot about how you see the world and about how you think the world sees you.
Here is a sample list of biz owners that have worked with me:
Creatives: artists, makers, interior designers, graphic designers, writers, architects, jewelers, photographers, videographers, poets, stylists, makers, publishers, editors, musicians, retail, etc.
Holistic Practitioners: coaches, healers, bodyworkers, trainers, holistic doctors, yoga teachers, wellness counselors, acupuncturists, therapists, spa owners, etc.

What’s the difference between being in the program and doing private coaching with you?
This program is for those who want community and to gain a mindset and business skills consistently at a lower price point than private coaching. Private coaching is for those who want to grow their business and want more individualized support. Some of my private clients will be in the program. Schedule a call with me here if that’s what you’re looking for so we can see if it’s a fit.

What if I want to join the program, but I can’t afford it?
There are 2 answers to this question:
1) If by “I can’t afford it” you mean you’d be giving me your food money to take the course, it’s not time for you to take the course. Please use the free resources I provide (articles, videos, gifts) and/or get support from free business counseling services. (And if you’re in dire straits, check out money-related 12-step programs.)
2) If by “I can’t afford it” you mean that you are not willing to spend your extra money to invest in your business, you may not be ready. If you choose not to do this program, let it be because you choose not to take it, not the limiting belief or “money wall” of “I can’t afford it.” This program is for those that feel ready to clear limiting beliefs and grow their business as an investment in their vision and future.

Is there a money-back guarantee or guarantee?
No. When you commit to and invest in this program, the program starts immediately because you change your relationship with money and business by the very nature of committing to it. (One client made 10 x’s his investment right after he signed up for my money program.) This program is all about what you put into it. You’ll receive the content (videos, modules, recordings of coaching, worksheets, resources) to use/access over and over again. At any time, if you need something you’re not getting, don’t hesitate to ask for it (that’s part of receiving too:-)).

Will there be a complex membership site and technical challenges?
I like to keep it simple. If you can use Zoom, email, and basic websites, you’ll be fine. If anything seems complex, I’ll provide a how-to video with directions.

Will we have to have an accountability/action/support partner in the program?
It’s not required but is highly recommended. It’s a valuable part of the program…that could even support you beyond the program. The advantages are connecting with someone like-minded going through the program, sharing your experience, learning through reflection, accountability, clearer action steps after talking them through, networking, and fun.:-) I’ll provide worksheets for how to structure the buddy meetings to be most effective.

Will we get any one-on-one time with you?
I’m happy to answer your questions in the group calls.

When will the private coaching sessions be with Jen if I sign up for the VIP option that includes 30 minutes of private coaching per month?
Jen schedules clients Tuesday- Thursday afternoons from 11 AM-6 PM ET. The scheduling app she uses (Acuity) allows you to set an ongoing monthly appointment to hold your spot.

Got another question? Ask me.

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