Money is an Inner and Outer Game

Just a few years ago I was a struggling artist, bootstrapping a jewelry business from my living room in West Asheville, North Carolina. I was living on the edge hoping I didn’t buy too many materials,(#firstworldproblems), that the show fee was worth it…that I would be able to pay rent on time.

I know what it’s like to have inconsistent income, to feel unsure of which steps to take, and being frustrated because I believed in my work and just wanted to get it out there.

One of my biggest blocks to making it as a creative was overcoming my resistance to the systems of business, finance, and shifting my mindset about theses systems to make them work for me instead of feeling like they’re against me.

With support, I broke through this block, tripled my income in 3 years, and now coach creatives to thrive in business.

This was a typical display booth for my business for the first few years when I did shows.

We have the power to change the world…and our lives through our work when we see money and business in a new light. When we are empowered with the mindset (internal) and skills (external) to make our vision happen.

I did a TEDx talk last month and the one idea I chose to talk about was this.

If you are open to learning a new way of looking at money and up-leveling your money mindset to make more, check out this program. It was made for creatives and I believe money mindset from familial, cultural, social programing is THE main block to creating more income. And since no one teaches us about money, it’s super helpful to know how to deal with it.

Money Boot Camp is an opportunity to reboot your life, your work, your relationship with money. What would that do for you?

This program runs 3 times per year. I have a payment plan and a few scholarships available, so don’t let “I don’t have the money” stop you…it’s time to stop believing that story.

What are you waiting for?

Reach out. What is your vision? Why is now the time to make it happen?

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