Liz Gunn, Intuitive Astrologer


Mehera Kleiner, Somatic Coach


Adele Beebe, Carolina Paper Crafts


Rebecca Harnish watercolor artist asheville
~Rebecca Harnish, Artist

"Jen does a fantastic job of breaking down the many facets of a creative business into manageable chunks to tackle. For someone like me who has a difficult time not getting overwhelmed by too many tasks, this has been super valuable. She has so much great information about art as a business, and has helped me take some leaps where I otherwise may have stalled due to uncertainty or fear. Highly recommend Jen as an art and creative business coach!"

Sybil Smith, Therapist
-Sybil Smith, LPC, Director of Journey Center Counsel

"Working with Jen set the stage for my business to go to the next level. In one year, I increased my income, paid down a significant amount of debt, bought a house, all in the midst of saving enough to open a brand new office that offers counseling to the community in a more comprehensive way than I could offer on my own.  I learned a lot about money management, how to manage my energy and how to invest more in myself that will give bigger rewards in my business. I found new ways to organize goals and make measurable steps that were rewarding instead of overwhelming. I made significant changes in the areas of money management and mindset. This allowed more fun into my personal life and made room for even bigger growth in my business. My time with Jen will pay me back for decades. For sure."

Sonja Bochart, Designer, TEDx talk
-Sonja Bochart, Designer, TEDx talk: “How Buildings Can Make Us Better”

"I couldn't have done my TEDx talk without Jen's support. She was by my side the entire way, helping me foster, grow, and trust my creativity, confidence, and knowledge. Jen helped me break old patterns and move beyond my limitations to greater freedom and joy in my work. She has an innate ability to balance the yin and the yang to evolve in business dynamically and boldly while allowing me to listen deeply to intuition and my heart. I benefited from the powerful and magical space she holds that honors mind, body, and spirit. I am genuinely grateful for her caring support, loving presence, and guidance, for both honoring the process and getting the outcomes I wanted."

Matthew Foley, Coach, Author
-Matthew Foley, Coach, Author of A Path To Call Your Own

“When I started my coaching journey with Jen, I knew I was ready to take my own coaching business to the next level…but I was very uncertain about the path forward & the tools I would need to get me there.
Thankfully, Jen was the perfect guide, opening my eyes to new paths my business could take and helping me uncover tools within myself I didn’t even know were there. Through our work together, I was able to clarify what my business is really about and the clients I am really meant to serve.
By learning to trust that vision, my business has grown financially in ways I previously only dreamed of… but deep down feared were impossible for me. Through Jen’s guidance, I was able to make my big impossible dream a living, breathing reality.”

~Aimee Williams, CCA

"I attended Jen's Money Mindset Makeover workshop and am so happy I did! She is not only knowledgeable, but also very engaging. I enjoyed the exercises we completed during the workshop. I gained clarity on what I see as holding me back from fully showing up for myself and my work. I enjoyed sharing my insights and seeing how we all supported each other’s struggles and new understandings. I also became clear on a new offering that I have for my clients. Very exciting!  She is easy to listen to, smart, funny, and a fabulous leader! Thank you, Jen, for sharing your brilliance with us!"

~Tam Orlando

"The work I have done with Jen has brought a new awareness to the dynamics at play in my relationship with own financial situation and with money in general. The exercises she guided me through were intensely powerful and effective. Anxiety and overwhelm have shifted to make space for empowerment and committed action. I hold the power and money is my ally in the process, not the other way around. Thank you Jen, for your forthright approach. I felt safe to share vulnerably and also confident in your ability to support me in moving forward."

~Liz Gunn, Intuitive Astrologer, Asheville
~Liz Gunn, Intuitive Astrologer

“Jen is a true gem and was literally an answer to a prayer! I highly recommend the Money Mastery Program if you want solid support to move yourself forward. Jen clearly walks her talk and presents the material with transparency, humor, wisdom and compassion for what it takes to create a sustainable body of work as a creative or holistic entrepreneur. I really appreciated her organized teaching style which provided an engaging, non-judgmental, atmosphere of trust that allowed all of us to show up fully each week. I felt relief the minute I signed up and that relief grew exponentially each week. By the end of the program, I felt renewed and tremendously inspired in my sense of what's possible, along with practical action steps to support a new level of growth in my work.”

~Sera Isabella Turner, The Lateral Creative


"Jen has an insightful, humorous, and downright effective approach to getting a group into a new Money Mindset. The exercises she incorporates brought my desires to the forefront and lifted my spirit. I have a newly energized passion for my business and I am driven and focused on making more money. I left with new tools and insights, motivation to succeed, and a new outlook on my finances."

~Rhodi Hawk, Author


"I was in a career slump when I reached out to Jen. She helped me push through barriers and develop tools to reach both professional and creative goals. The process was both fun and inspiring."

~Kristin Klipp, Life Coach, Yoga Teacher

"Money mindset work has been so helpful. It opened me up to receiving. I was feeling stuck but didn’t know how or why and couldn’t get to the root of it. Activities from the program were super helpful and allowed me to see my beliefs that were holding me back.
Jen has been such a huge help in realizing my money blocks both in her course and as my coach. I highly recommend her if you want to discover those sneaky hidden beliefs stopping you from the life you want."

~Ishka Lha, Artist

“Jen’s money program gave me some new perspective on how to continue growing my business and keep my money beliefs in check when I was feeling challenged during COVID. I already had a pretty solid handle on good business practices before Jen’s program, but I still learned some new things to try, which I’m happy to now have in my tool kit! Her matter-of-fact approach to prosperity consciousness and good business practices helped me stay focused on positive thoughts and good habits as I navigated uncertain times.
~Andi S., True Blue Quilts
~Andi S., True Blue Quilts


“Jen coaches creative thinkers to that sweet spot where financial reports are not a scary beast to hide from, but rather a vehicle that can transport you to your dream destination. The tools I learned in the Money Mastery Intensive opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about money and my business. I have bigger dreams and a more solid plan to achieve those dreams.”

Miki Wright, Host of the Beauty SuperStars Talk Podcast and Salon Business Coach
~Miki Wright, Host of the Beauty SuperStars Talk Podcast & Salon Business Coach


“Jen's money program helps you shift the way you see yourself as an artist, and connect with yourself as a businessperson who can and does make money from your art. Through this program, I have clarity on my direction for finances, and have clear goals and actions.”

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~Dave Sheldon, Artist, Sculptor, Sheldon Studioworks
~Dave Sheldon, Artist, Sculptor, Sheldon Studioworks


"If you're a creative and looking for support, structure, and guidance on money and the 'business side of things,’ then I highly recommend Jen's services! My experience in her money program resulted in more work being sold and a greater confidence in increasing my worth.”

~ Susanna Euston, Photographer
~ Susanna Euston, Photographer


"Jen Aly's marketing workshop helped me to identify the holes in my business’s outreach strategy and to begin to figure out how to fill them in. I left the workshop feeling excited and focused. Even though I used to do marketing for others, I have resisted doing my own. I feel encouraged, now, to become engaged and make real progress in promoting my business!"

Amber Byers, writing coach
~Amber Byers, Tadpole Press


“It was great to have someone to bounce ideas off of and to help answer business questions as our company grows. Jen’s help with market research helped make our first international writing contest a huge success.”

Maria Aleandra, Life Coach
-Maria Aleandra, Coach


"My Money Breakthrough Session with Jen made me speechless. I’ve been working on my money blocks consistently for about a year now and absolutely have made progress myself. But in 15 minutes, no kidding, Jen was able to shed some light on things that were completely pivotal for me and moving forward in my business to the next level."

-Susannah Mele, Mixed Media & Fiber Artist, Sedona, AZ
-Susannah Mele, Mixed Media & Fiber Artist

"Jen's Money Boot Camp program shifted how I look at money, making money, spending money, tracking my money, & setting money goals. The program gave me a different perspective of myself and my artwork. The biggest thing is that it helped me reclaim my self worth as an artist. My art is quite important to me - the act of creation and now the process of selling. I am now able to price my work for what it's worth and hold the value without giving deals. Before the program was even over, I had my best show at a venue I've showed at many times."


Zan Smith, Sculptor, Charleston to Asheville, patina frogs
-Zan Smith, Metal Sculptor

“Jen helped me establish my business in Asheville after a relocation from Charleston. When I discussed my business difficulties as well as potential opportunities with her she “got it”. She was able to quickly make recommendations that were very useful and on point. She also gave me a whole new perspective on my work and direction that was very inspiring. I am now more engaged and expanding my work in new ways. I recommend Jen’s coaching for artists and creatives looking for help with their business.”

Danielle McClennan, Scratch Made Media Video Production Asheville
-Danielle McClennan, Scratch Media

"I knew that the only way to up-level was to have a coach because I had done as much as I could on my own. Coaching with Jen is wonderful because I know I have the monthly support and Jen knows all the right questions to ask. She peppers our conversation with delightful anecdotes and invaluable insight that that brings everything full circle. Knowing that I have the consistent support helps create and keep momentum. I often refer to my notes between calls and see all that I accomplish. She shares her gifts and knowledge which come from years of experience and you can’t put a price on that."

Carol McLaurin, Coach & Strategist
-Carol McLaurin, Coach & Strategist

“Working with Jen is one of the best investments I've made. Not only did I feel seen and supported, she helped me launch my consulting practice and increase my prices. Jen had the unique combination of getting me to stretch on some key income goals where I was being timid and to make space where I was being too hard on myself on others. That skilled balance allowed me to more quickly get "back in the game" each month no matter where I was on my goals. The continuity of coaching really kept the momentum going and was critical for producing results. I accomplished far more than I thought I could at the beginning of our coaching engagement. Jen Aly is an exceptional coach. I've made progress in my life, my career, and my finances in ways I simply couldn't have done on my own.”

-Rebecca Williams, Video Storyteller & Documentary Filmmaker, Mountain Girl Media
-Rebecca Williams, Video Storyteller & Documentary Filmmaker, Mountain Girl Media

"The first time I met Jen, she gave me a piece of advice, that was such an "aha" moment, I went out and implemented it immediately and that action is still paying off.

Jen has a great combination of being concrete, direct, and sharing practical tools with heart. She meets people where they are and guides you in receiving support to get to the next level. She is both gentle and affirming, and bold and specific. In our coaching sessions, she helped me work through multiple ways of solving problems by generating valuable solutions.

I am now more willing to ask for and receive support from people with various levels of expertise in different areas. This has made one of the biggest differences for me because I don't have to be an expert in everything and I don't get as frustrated trying to do things I can turn over to someone else. This has created far more ease as I work to meet my goals.

When I began working with Jen, I was stuck on a really big project with lots of moving parts and now I'm completely confident that I'm approaching the finish line. A year ago I was merely hopeful but also afraid that I wouldn't finish. Now I know I will."


-Amy Agar, Co-Owner, Hickory Nut Gap Farm

"The consistent coaching was great because it pulled me out of the everyday hustle and provided a different perspective to my work. I was in a whole new place at the end of 12 months of working with Jen. I accomplished the majority of my goals and feel confident in moving toward the next ones on a whole new level."


-Rosemary Stearns, Accountant & Owner of Moongladeus Designs

"Participating in the Money Boot Camp gave me insight into how I had established patterns of sabotage in my life. Being able to see these patterns prompted me to further investigate how to overcome them. It helped to share with others and hear how they have overcome obstacles related to money in their own lives. The introspection and focus on my relationship with money provided me with more clarity regarding my goals and dreams. Since I completed the boot camp sessions with Jen, I am happy to say I have reduced my expenses and increased my income and am on my path to prosperity and abundance."

-LaSara Firefox Allen, Author


"Jennifer’s coaching style is down-to-earth, relaxed and accessible. She has a true gift for keeping me on-task, and encourages me to be utterly honest with myself. My life is truly enriched by her guidance and support."

-Kim Data, Artist/Designer/Educator/Entrepreneur

"Jen not only listens, but validates  where I am during each session so that I’m able to be more present with myself.  Then she tells it to me straight allowing me to hear what I need to hear, giving me better perspective on myself and my current situation while reminding me of all that I have already accomplished.  She gives me the shot in the arm that I need to take on the world once again and after each call with her I have felt just that much stronger than the time before, standing a little taller and feeling brave enough to tackle the next challenge as a move toward and accomplish my goals.”

-Annalisa Berns, Pet Search and Rescue & Big Bear Yoga Festival

"Jen has helped me in more ways than I can list. One of the most important ways is that she genuinely believes that anything is possible - and holds that truth for you, even if you have a hard time imagining it for yourself! She gently encourages you in the direction that will get results. She also speaks in a way and about things that makes you see that things are possible and sparks your courage to take effective action. I enthusiastically recommend working with Jen if you need a new perspective, new ideas, new resources, and support to achieve your goals. I didn't think it was possible for me to be refreshed in my business, I didn't think it was possible to overcome multiple business challenges and to generate more revenue. But Jen not only saw the possibilities, she gently challenged my thinking and supported me on my way to an amazing business and life still unfolding!"

Sam, Iron & Wax Photography

“I was so hesitant to invest in coaching because I’m just starting out. Now only three months in, I see the value in my investment 100%. It’s so helpful to have Jen to walk me through new business territory and to get clear on what to do next. This supportive guidance helps me boil things down to get to what needs to be done next. I don’t get bogged down in fear because in each session I get a fresh spark to go take clear actions. Now I have launched my business and have new paying clients. Things are growing faster than I thought and I feel so good. I feel a new level of confidence because I am making my vision happen.”


“Jen’s money program was the turning point in taking my business to the next level.
Two years later I am now netting $5,000 a WEEK! I’ve even opened a new retirement account
& am adding extra to it. If you’re not sure about investing in your money mindset, consider it an investment that will pay you back for years to come."


"Before Jen’s money program, I felt like money was always leaving my life. There was always an expense or someone who had their hand out. Now I’m beginning to feel like money is coming towards me. I see opportunities to grow. I’m not afraid to give out my business cards and take risks to make sales. And it's working."


"Being clear and focused frees up a LOT of decision making space and time. I no longer see money hindering my goals. I see it as an asset. For this first time, I sat down to do my bookkeeping and look at my finances without a pit in my stomach. That was huge for me. Thanks, Jen." ~

~Dawn B.

"I upleveled my income two significant levels while working with Jen! I learned to dream bigger and see what I can realistically achieve in one month, six months, or a year. I also upleveled my career and now have more satisfaction and space for creativity. I now feel confident to take action toward goals to create real change."