Podcast interview on self-worth, prosperity, and creativity

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Self worth is the foundation of creating freedom and prosperity in life. But how do we access it and heal what’s covering it up? Remembering and reclaiming our worth is a process an a practice.

This is the most vulnerable interview I’ve ever done. The next morning I felt my biggest “vulnerability hangover” yet.

Sarah Poet interviewed me for her Sacred Remembering podcast. I talk about topics I usually don’t discuss publicly and share deep insights I’m experiencing during my Corona cocoon.
From Sarah’s website:

In this potent and timely interview with money & creativity coach Jen Aly, we traverse the micro and macro of self worth, women, covid-19, rest, listening to the body, creativity, and more. This interview is FULL of wisdom for our turn out of patriarchy and into a balance of feminine & masculine wisdom. I haven’t heard another conversation that puts these topics together in this way. Tune in!


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Supportive links from interview: My TED talk, Sarah’s TEDx talk, Patriarchy Stress Disorder book

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