It's not about the money but scarcity mindset will make about the money
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Scarcity Mindset is the Real Enemy: Turn it into Prosperity

A scarcity mindset is underneath beliefs that limit your respect of money, your money habits, and your capacity to earn more money.

Your judgment of money and your pride around not valuing money is not helping you or anyone else.🤔

You holding on to an identity that is wrapped up in preserving a mindset and habits creating “underearning” or “overworking” are forms of scarcity that limit your life, your experience, your contributions, and your expansion.

You are not helping shift capitalism or helping someone else have more because you settle for less.

It’s time to value yourself and receive what you deserve. And to share your gifts like never before.

This process starts on the inside. Unpacking your limiting beliefs around money is a process and it’s worth it.

Embodying an abundance mindset or a prosperity mindset is putting yourself in a whole new world of possibilities. But trying to get there by wishing it so, or spiritual bypassing won’t cut it. You’ve got to do the work.

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