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TEDx Talk: Harness Creativity as your Greatest Business Asset

Jen shares her journey as a creative entrepreneur and the mindset shift it took for her to thrive in business. As a former student and teacher, she addresses how traditional education was created to train employees instead of entrepreneurs. The programming in school such as conformity, obedience, punishment for mistakes, focusing on testing, etc. blocks creativity. It also reduces students’ capacity to take risks, be innovative, and express themselves fully.

If you’re seeking a creative life, unlearning this programming & reclaiming the power of your creativity is key. Mindset shifts empower creative entrepreneurs to harness their creativity to thrive in business. The key is leading with vision and the creative process. In this talk, creative entrepreneurs are emboldened to stretch & grow into challenging areas of business that they may find less comfortable such as finance and marketing.

Jen Aly is a bridge between the financial & business world and artists & creatives. For the past 20 years, it has been her passion to help people reclaim and harness the creative process to succeed. Today that translates into supporting creatives and coaches to succeed in the business world by supporting them to apply business skills in a way that leverages their genius. A creative herself, she bootstrapped an Asheville-based jewelry design business in 2013. A coach since 2003, Jen is committed to empowering creatives and coaches to thrive in expression, money, and business via coaching, workshops, and community programs.

Her TEDx talk, “Harness Creativity as your Greatest Business Asset” was among the 10% of TEDx talks chosen for TED.com. In addition to business, she geeks out on art, wellness, & house plants.

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