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The Missing Link to Your Business Growth Strategy

Business growth strategy is a big deal. There are many potential components to it. And there’s one thing that is often missing.

“When you create boundaries, you create your future.” ~ Lee Harris


So many of my mentors have said some version of this statement correlating growth to boundary setting.🤔

If you don’t declare what’s important and prioritize it, you’ll end up prioritizing what’s important to everyone else instead.

You deserve to live your life and run your business on your terms. And knowing when and how to draw boundaries is imperative as you grow.

Boundaries are not about being a bitch and telling people what not to do.

Boundaries are about:

  • showing people how to treat you
  • creating win-wins
  • clear communication
  • being pro-active (not reactive)
  • conscious co-creation
  • prioritizing your vision that will make the most impact

And I see this with clients who have burned out on their business model and need to uplevel.👊 Setting boundaries is imperative as you optimize to create the next phase.

It’s about you stepping into owning your time, valuing your time, and trusting yourself to create optimal value for your clients/customers in the best way for you and for them. 💪

It’s less people-pleasing, overworking, underearning, and burnout.😅

Instead it’s being clear on your yeses and committing to prioritize them.

This is imperative to the success of your business growth strategy.

It may mean creating value through leverage. 💓
It may mean raising your prices. #💰
It may mean hiring new support.🌼
It may mean optimizing your systems. 🤓

It may mean learning new skills, strategies, tools.

It’s likely that you know what is next, but you’ve been holding back from taking the next steps.😏

If you’re ready to give yourself support, schedule a “Grow Your Business” consult with me.☀️

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