Top Recommended Money Books: Where to start

money books

Money books! My clients often ask me what money books I recommend.

There are so many, it’s hard to choose. It depends on what you want.

Above is a photo of my current collection of money books and below are five I recommend.

Bari Tessler’s “Art of Money” is a good place to start with three sections : money healing, practices, & maps. It’s holistic and practical and Bari’s approach is well founded because she’s been helping people for a long time. Her work was my first introduction (in 2004?) to being conscious with money.

For mindset, I like “Money’s Not the Problem, You Are” by Douglas and Heer. This one has some mind-blowing mindset shifts that obliterate old ways of thinking about money and tweak your relationship with it.

Some of my favorite prosperity stories and quotes are in @lynnetwist ‘s “Soul of Money.” This book is soulful and inspiring and you will likely change your perspective on what prosperity is.

Right now I’m reading Tosha Silver’s book, “It’s Not Your Money” and “The Complete Works of Florence Scovel Shinn.” Both are rich and spiritually focused. Silver’s book is officially a 8 week process you could guide yourself through. Shinn’s work is unique to read because she wrote these four books from 1925-1945. They are classic and timeless.

Yes, I said I’m reading two money books…and usually other books in different genres at the same time. I can never read just one book. My nightstand is the messiest part of my environment!

Here’s one small dose of mindset shift around prosperity if you’re ready for it now.

To hear about my lowest financial moment, biggest money lessons, how I changed my relationship with business and money, check out my TEDx talk. 

There are a few more money books on my list to get soon, but since I haven’t read them yet, I can’t recommend them.

Enjoy reading!

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